march happy happenings

march is here, somewhere.  in these parts that has meant some rain, mud, and finally..snow.  um yeah, we were out building snowmen two days ago.  but the spring flowers are still working their way toward the sunshine.  and that means it is time for some happy happenings…my round-up of awesomeness living out there in the internet this month (or in prep for next month).  I was so happy to have stumbled on and can’t wait to share.



I am a huge fan of breaking bad and so I nearly flipped my lid when I saw this round up of breaking bad inspired crafts  over at make:craft.  I really want  need  the bald Walt softie. I mean, who doesn’t?




it is true that brooklynites are having the most arty-fartsy fun.  especially now that they have brooklyn craft camp on march 16th!  this day long camp-for-grown-ups is a d.i.y. heaven filled with good food, cocktails and craft workshops.


a full day (!!) with amazing teachers and making, making, making…everything from knitting to paper cutting to printmaking and even terrarium making.  the fact that I can’t make it only solidifies my long-standing belief that I need a clone.



my husband is Irish and ever since we started dating I have enjoyed St. Patricks Day just that little bit more.  it’s hard not to, considering how loudly and passionately he can sing the irish rover.  this martha stewart project seemed like a good one to get the kids into the spirit, too.  she uses a heart stamped in 3 directions and a green stamp pad to make easy decorations.  sometimes you gotta hand it to her.  so fantastic!




another kid project, this lovely paper egg bunting project from two straight lines has been on my to-do list for a long while.  just love the simple design and the pleasantness of it.  it’s a great easter project with the kids that doesn’t look overly Easter.




baseballs, puppies, cars, trucks and product placement…that pretty covers the options for boys clothing.  in short, it is nearly impossible to find funky, fun clothes for boys. even most sewing patterns are all girls, girls, girls.  and that is why it a good thing that dana met rae and together they created  celebrate the boy.  it’s a crazy, mind-blowing collection of handmade clothing for BOYS! it seems the whole world has joined in and the results are unreal.

celebrate the boy

things are really getting hopping in the boy world! three cheers for that!


the inimitable heather ross believes that anyone can learn to draw and she is holding  a contest to prove it.  sketch something every day for ten to twenty minutes for three weeks and send it to her…the person who improves the most wins some of her newest line of fabric. how sweet is that?!



this project is absolutely going to happen at my house and soon.  in fact, I  bought fabric dye today.  they are amazing hand-dyed tea towels with wax resist, basically writing with wax crayons on fabric and then dying it!  think of the possibilities…wedding day readings, song lyrics, quotes from kids books!  I am so excited to have found this idea from the lovely women behind a beautiful mess. a beautiful mess, indeed.




if you are a modern quilter then you were probably either at quiltcon or wishing you were at quiltcon.  I did not head to Austin, TX for this inspiring and amazing modern quilt guild event and, consequently, I was singing the ‘quiltcon blues’ but I was heartened to learn that there are highlight from the event and quiltcon lectures over on craftsy! yay! now, I can put down my banjo and watch away.



and last but not least is the covert robin, of course.   what kind of co-host would I be if I didn’t mention it!?  if you signed up, you should have your partner’s information and possibly even be doing some making.  if you need inspiration, check out this helpful blog post from clover and violet and the mega-tutorials list from made with moxie.

covert robin

enjoy! swapping handmade is like hatching goodness, little chicken.

2 Comments on march happy happenings

  1. Katie Yoakum
    March 11, 2013 at 10:28 am (5 years ago)

    I am busy in starting to work on projects for the covert Robin and am so excited to see this wax resist dying as I am taking part in another swap about the 1980’s and the lady I am paired up with loves quotes and lyrics but want’s something in a more neutral pallet so I think I am going to give this a try for her project.

    • ahappystitch
      March 11, 2013 at 11:04 am (5 years ago)

      So glad it is helpful! Your other swap sounds so fun!…the 1980’s!! Who doesn’t love the 80’s! Let me know how it goes!


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