the only leggings I will ever wear…my sloan leggings

Sloan Leggings // a happy stitch

It took little more than a split-second after making my first pair of Sloan Leggings (for this pattern review on Upcraft Club) to realize that I was going to be making lots of these leggings.  Guys, these are the only leggings I will ever wear.  Ever. I’m gonna die in a tattered pair of handmade sloan leggings.  The pattern is from Hey June Handmade, same as my Cheyenne tunic.  I just can’t get enough of Hey June’s patterns.

Sloan Leggings // a happy stitch

I love these leggings, mostly because the fit and feel is fantastic.  Add to that the potential to make leggings out of fabric of my choosing (as long as it has some spandex content) and the options seem endless.  For this pair I made basic black leggings out of laguna knit fabric.  In my continuing efforts to not buy anything new I was coming up short on leggings. I got a hole in one pair of black leggings a while back and haven’t been able to find a used pair anywhere.  People don’t really bring their old leggings into consignment or thrift shops. So, it has been just thrilling to find these.

Check out this waistband. First of all, it is wide and fits beautifully from the top hip to the waist.  Plus, it has an awesome hidden pocket.  I made a small but ground-breaking adaptation to the waist, which is that I used swimsuit fabric (tricot nylon) for the inside lining of the waistband and it keeps the waist nice and snug on my hips.

Sloan Leggings // a happy stitch

Sloan Leggings // a happy stitchSee that swimsuit material? I didn’t need much at all but it makes a big difference.  Plus, it feels slinky and good.

Also, while I sized into the Large, I made this pair as a Medium and I like the Medium a lot more, they fit just right.  It feels great to have conquered such a wardrobe essential.  I can easily make these in less time than it would take to get in a car, drive to a store and buy a pair.

Sloan Leggings // a happy stitch

I am so excited about these leggings that I convinced Rock Paper Scissors to let me teach a leggings class.  For my class sample, I stitched up a funky pair of leggings in Art Gallery knit fabric that would be perfect for working out.  Aren’t they so fun!?

Sloan Leggings // a happy stitch

If you live in North Jersey, you should absolutely come make leggings with me in March.  It comes with an honorary membership to the ‘leggings forever’ club. No joke.

The pattern also includes a second option for leggings that are sportier looking.  They are designed with a kind of stripe up the side that widens at the hips and around the waist.  It’s very cool looking.  I have some fabric set aside for a pair of those, as well.

I am also wearing a new top in these pictures.  I made yet another Plantain Tee…my tenth.  If you can’t already tell, I really commit to things when I like them. This one is made with a super lightweight tissue jersey making it incredibly comfortable but a little clingy.  It’s another wardrobe essential, just a simple striped top.

Striped Plantain Tee // a happy stitch

It’s not an overly exciting shirt but it is the kind I reach for on a regular dealing-with-life kind of day.  Putting the leggings together with the shirt and I’ve got the perfect Sunday morning ensemble.  These things are important.

Plantain Tee // a happy stitch

By the way, these photos were taken by the lovely Melanie Tuazon, and I can’t express what a treat it is to take pictures while looking at a real person. The whole routine of standing alone in front a tripod is capital letters AWKWARD! Plus, Melanie is really good at making me laugh.  Thanks MT!

A Gauzy Cheyenne Tunic for Project Sew It

Cheyenne Top // Project Sew It // a happy stitch

When Celina Bailey of Petit a Petit and Family announced her Project Sew it idea I had to join in. She’s joining together great sewing talents and committing to sewing one item a month, for most participants it seems to be a garment but it’s up to each individual and anyone can join.  I’m such a big fan of Celina’s style and inspired by her creativity plus I already make myself an item of clothing a month.  Project Sew it is a natural fit.  Yet, while I do make lot of clothing I’m using my Project Sew It time as an opportunity to focus and make garments that are a little more complicated or require stretching my skills a bit. My January garment is this Cheyenne Tunic in double gauze.  I was a pattern tester for the Cheyenne tunic, a Hey June pattern, so I was familiar with the pattern but working in the double gauze meant I had to take my time and work carefully. (more…)

How To Be Cozy :: The Perfect Wool Blanket Solution

How to Be Cozy :: Perfect Wool Blankets / a happy stitch

I spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out how to be cozy and warm.  During my pregnancies I was totally psyched to have an excuse to wear sweatpants in most settings, I started “needing” to wear them at eight weeks.  Everyone else was so proud of being able to still button their jeans and I was bragging, “I have an excuse to wear sweatpants ALL THE TIME!”  Now that I’m no longer pregnant, I’m the queen of leggings and a tunic for my go-to outfit because, as everyone knows, it’s basically pajamas in disquise.  Of course, even sweatpants and leggings pale in comparison to the ultimate in cozy; I’m talking about being under the perfect blanket, of course. (more…)

2015 It’s a wrap :: on creativity and so much sewing

2015 Wrap Up // a happy stitch

Oh my goodness, 2015 was such a wonderful year.  Now that I’m safely on the other side of it I’m so thrilled to announce I accomplished my primary goal for the year. Yep, I did it!

I made a vow at the beginning of the year to buy nothing new with my Nothing New Project and I succeeded.  Every piece of clothing that newly entered my life this year was sewn by me or bought used. (more…)

Radiant Home Studio blog tour :: Highland Avenue Houses

Radiant Home Studio blog tour :: Highland Avenue Houses // a happy stitch

There are lots of lessons to be learned in life.  The lesson I learned most recently is that kids are tacky.  They like to take an idea and really kick it into overdrive…make sure everyone “gets” it.  And that, my friends, is the takeaway lesson behind these house pillows.

I was so honored when Sara from Radiant Home Studio asked me to join her 2nd anniversary blog tour! It’s really exciting because I like Sara and find her patterns so useful and effortlessly classy. (more…)

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