the garden state

scoff if you must but new jersey is beautiful right now.  it’s a well-kept secret just how stunning this state can get.  and I don’t mean like Carmela Soprano-on-a-good-night stunning.  I mean, really, truly naturally stunning.

boys in springit catches me off-gaurd nearly every year.  I love spring like crazy already but springtime in Jersey is something to see.

boxwoods in the sky it seems that everything is blooming but especially the boxwoods.  the new growth popping up everywhere makes it impossible to resist…feels like a requirement to sit outside; watch a few bees do their busywork and daydream a little bit.  for us that always means plans.

native plant budslots and lots of plan-making…from A NEW HOUSE! to big, huge international travels! right on down to carrots vs. lettuce in the vegetable garden!  most of the plans are just mental wanderings but I love these kinds of conversations so much…where are we going? what exciting things are coming next?

fern frondspring seems to bring with it room enough for all of these plans and more.  even if the planning never goes any further than the bottom of my margarita glass.  the ritual of dreaming out loud makes for a happy spring.  I’m hoping you got a little bit of that, too.


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    • ahappystitch
      May 10, 2013 at 9:28 am (5 years ago)

      I think you could justifiably gift yourself a boxwood for Mother’s Day…a little NorthEast treat. we have one in our tiny front yard and I love, love, love it. I’m thrilled to see you settling in a bit, by the way!


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