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Spring Break Stay-cation

2015 Spring Break Stay-cation

It’s been pretty quiet around the blog for the last week and a half!  My apologies about that. The boys had their spring break last week and after much debate we decided to try our first stay-catation.  This decision was made, mostly based on the sad state of our bank account after our cat’s surgery.  Um, cat surgery is pricy.  Super pricy.  You have no idea, unless you do and then you can relate. It’s a good thing we love her so much. (more…)

Aerial Quilt (or how much a mini quilt can break you down)

I have been super reluctant to share this quilt but it is time to tell its story because it’s a big one.  Meet my Aerial Quilt; a mini quilt designed by the fabulous Carolyn Freidlander. I started this quilt at Sew Down last April in Carolyn’s workshop. Wow  Almost a year ago.

Aerial Quilt

I finished it a long time ago.  In fact, it was the first project I finished when I returned from Sew Down last spring.  I started it with the intention of having it hanging in our home, a bold declaration *might* have been uttered about bringing more of my art into our home.

A couple of things got in my way.   (more…)

“love”-ly smoothie sippers!

lovely smoothie sippers | easiest way to decorate a straw on valentines day

It is almost Valentines Day!  The boys both had their classroom parties today and came home so excited about all the valentines they got.  All of which means tiny temporary tattoos and glossy pieces of paper are scattered all over every surface (because everything must be looked at in its entirety).  It also means our household has an additional six unsharpened pencils that I will promptly add to our junk drawer, which is mostly full of unsharpened pencils.  I swear pencils are this generations version of double bubble gum from…the supply seems endless as does its popularity as the completely safe gift nobody wants.

Our family, however, has one plan for Valentines day and it’s a big, celebratory breakfast.  We decided on our menu over dinner two nights ago.  The plan is that J will make a fruit salad with only red fruit (strawberries, watermelon, red grapes, etc.), I will make pancakes and my husband and C are making smoothies.  It’s going to be spectacular.  I decided to make some special straws for our smoothies and that is how these “love”ly smoothie sippers came to be.  It’s totally the easiest thing ever but here is how I made them, just in case.  (more…)

Sweet Nothings :: Treat Bags for your Valentine {a free printable}

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to share Valentine’s Day ideas all week. I really am! What is better than a little sweet nothings treat bag, am I right? Yup, right.

sweet nothings wrappers for sweet treats on Valentines Day | a happy stitch

I love the way packaging can make something ordinary look extra-fun and super special and, as it happens, my kids love M&M’s.  So, in the spirit of this valentines making frenzy I am on, I combined those two loves and made sweet nothings packages for bags of M&M’s!  These sweet treat bags will be in our valentines wraps on Saturday morning.

I really hope my kids know how rad I am because some days…eh, hard to tell.

Just like with the Monster Valentines, I used PicMonkey to make these and it took all of 10 minutes.  I don’t even have the paid version of PicMonkey, just the free version and I love it.  (Nobody is paying me to say that, either.)  Click on any image to get the pdf for yourself. Yay for free printables (now that I know how to make and share them, I’m unstoppable)!  (more…)

monster valentines day cards :: free printables

Guys! It’s my very first ever printable paper project!  Meet the Valentine Monsters!Monster Valentine Printables!

It is here just in time to rescue you from a last-minute rush to the drug store to get school valentines.  (You know they will only have crappy cards left with tired, out-dated boy and girl orientations, anyway. And, if you are experiencing the same kind of icy/slushy/grey winter that we are, you don’t need another trip outside. Forget that!)  Print up these MONSTER VALENTINES and make everybody smile!  (more…)

How to Wrap a Heart :: Resuable Fabric Wrap for Valentine’s Day

how to wrap a heart  a stamped fabric wrapping for all your valentines day goodness

Valentine’s day is a hand-makers holiday. No doubt.  I always catch the crafting (love) bug and cannot stop. This year is no exception and I’m excited to share Valentine projects all week. (I realize it’s a little late but inspiration strikes when it strikes and I’m running with it!)

I’m starting with this reusable, hand-stamped fabric wrap–basically a burrito for your Valentine treats.  We don’t give each other big gifts at our house but we always have a nice breakfast with pancakes and smoothies. This year I’m adding this sweet little package of chocolate goodness.  These people I Iive with are such very good people and I’m tucking some love into this hand-stamped package of love using only a fat quarter!  So here is how to wrap a heart! (more…)

Silver & Gold, Charley Harper Christmas Stockings

In the swooping rush of the holiday season and the unwinding that followed, I never got around to blogging about these Christmas stockings.  My apologies for still talking about Christmas stuff but I had so much fun making these; our silver and gold, charley harper stockings.

Silver & Gold Charley Harper Christmas Stockings by a happy stitch

I knew that I wanted to make new stockings as soon as I opened up our box of Christmas and almost gagged looking at all of the bright red and green.  Our old stockings were made a long time ago and I was just sick of them (and all of our “overly Christmas-y” decorations, to be honest).   I fell in love with Nurture; the new Charley Harper line of fabric while shopping at my favorite fabric shop and nabbed four prints along with silver and gold Cotton + Steel basics.  As you can see, we don’t have a fireplace, so I put small hooks into the underside of our side table and placed wooden animals on top of the table to hide the hooks. (more…)

Perfect Gift for your favorite snarky Parents :: Peppermint Schnapps with a side of cheeky

It’s Christmas mode at our house right now.  Full throttle.  My favorite response to all things chaos and crazy is to get a little punchy.  And, that my friends, is where this peppermint schnapps comes in.

Peppermint Schnapps with cheeky recipes for using it  including Elf Tea, Santa's Little Secret. etc.  Funny and the perfect gift for your favorite snarky parent friends.

I am going to be honest, I am laughing at my own joke right now.  I had so much fun concocting this little gift.  We have a few friends we have relied on since our babies were little and we have been through it all.  I decided alcohol was the best and most appropriate gift for them.  So, I made homemade peppermint schnapps (the recipe is from the Handmade Winter e-book) and got completely carried away making up ways to use the schnapps. (more…)

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