Collared & Tunic-ed, the last Plantain Tee Hack

sweater knit plantain tee

I’ve had this lovely striped sweater knit fabric in my stash for the longest time and figured that my pattern hacking experiment was a good enough time to try it out.


To make this little dress I added a pointy collar and length. It is super comfortable and I’m thrilled the stripes matched up on all the seams!


Sweater knit is a little delicate to work with, though. I love how soft and comfy this dress/tunic is but it was a minor pain to stitch up.

DSC_0360 (1)

To make the collar, I copied the slope of the original pattern at the neck and then made the pointy shape. To be honest, I was winging it. Thankfully it worked but it definitely could have been a wastebasket situation.  That comes with the territory sometimes.  All in all, I like it and it will be worn! Yay!

And…here are all the plantain tee variations! Not a bad addition to my handmade closet!

Plantain Tee Hacks

Finally, before you start to think that it’s all hair-touching, dreamy, smily photos here is what it looks like when I drop my wireless camera remote on my foot.

DSC_0344 (2)

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