some first rate second-hand finds

nature books

it has been a great phase of second-hand finds for me.  I have been thinking more and more about the great, unseen costs of the kind of rampant consumerism I am often tempted by.  and, as a result, I’m paying more attention to how to buy things second-hand.  but, not just second-hand…also how to buy things that support all the things I love and believe in…like the proliferation of art and other ways to make my world beautiful.  so, I was thrilled when I chanced upon these golden guide books at our library book sale.  the boys and I have poured through them.  they are so beautiful.  I already have ideas about hand-carved stamps and printed fabric based on some of the images.   art books

I also picked up these art books…at $2 a piece I figured we can look at them or even tear them up for an art project.  why not?

later in the week, my husband and I took a much -deserved afternoon date to a local artsy town.  I saw these great wooden stamps.  I was tempted to buy them but ended up walking away from them.  as beautiful as they are, I just couldn’t add to the house clutter with an incomplete alphabet.
typeset letters I did, however, take this guy home.  what an incredible stamp, right?  I can’t wait to play around with how this one looks stamped on fabric!  on a tote bag, perhaps? we will see.  I was drawn to this stamp and I’m running with it. metal press manfinally, my luck brought me to a chest in the basement of a huge antiques shop where I found yards and yards of great wool fabric, a beautiful piece of lace/eyelet fabric(?) and fantastic red vintage buttons.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  I’ve had a few ideas rolling around to use wool so I was thrilled to snatch that up.  as for the other items, I’m going to let them inspire me…who knows what the outcome with be.
sewing finds


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