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Sewing Happiness :: Book Review and Giveaway!

It is no secret that I love Sanae Ishida.  Her elegant style, thoughtful prose and intense awareness are a constant source of inspiration for me.  She is the kind of blogger that I visit in order to “draw from the well”, so to speak.  So it is not an understatement to say that I am quite literally thrilled to be a part of the book launch tour for her new book Sewing Happiness*.  (P.S. feel free to scroll to the bottom for giveaway information, there is no shame in that game!)


[Photo by Michelle Porter]

This book is more than a collection of projects.  It’s the story of Sanae’s path back to health after a debilitating disease and work exhaustion and the role that sewing played in re-finding her balance and happiness.  She honestly stitched her way back to health.  The book is an open, honest, raw and vulnerable conversation about how making things can heal us. (more…)

The Great Pattern Hack :: Sanae Ishida

The Great Pattern Hack  Sanae Ishida

I am not going to lie, I have a total girl-crush on Sanae Ishida.  She always manages to pull together simple, elegant and wearable clothing for herself and her fantastic daughter. On top of that she has such an honest, genuine voice that I’m always giddy and excited to read her blog. Plus, she a children’s book author and illustrator!  I mean, honestly, she’s like a magic unicorn. Suffice it to say, I was thrilled when she joined the Great Pattern Hack and her pattern hack is just as magical as she is.  {Plus, she noticed an M in the back of her top and it made her think of me and Michael Miller.  Catch me! I’m a teenager at a Justin Bieber concert!}

Check out how she transformed the Southport Dress from True Bias Patterns into a romper and scrappy back top using Cotton Couture and Indigo fabric! Oh, all these rompers! They look so fantastic on everyone. I used to think (with great confidence) that I couldn’t wear a romper but I’m so tempted to stitch one up now!

Are you a pattern hacker!?!
Did you know we are collecting all of the pattern hacks on a Pinterest board created by Michael Miller? Go now.  Look at all the awesome and just try not to feel the itch.  Gotta hack all the things!

If you are a pattern hacker, you should really play along with us!  Hint, hint…there might just be some great things waiting for all the play-at-home pattern hackers.  Intrigued?  Grab some Michael Miller fabric and show off what you made so you can play too!  Hack a pattern and share your creation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Make sure to tag your photos so we can find you– @michaelmillerfabrics and @ahappystitch and use the hashtags #GreatPatternHack #MichaelMillerFabrics #AHappyStitch.

It’s been so fun to see your creations so far! Keep ’em coming. There will be even more giveaways throughout the hop—fabric and patterns! Stay tuned for tomorrow when Erin shows off a fantastic bag!


The Great Pattern Hack team:
Monday 6/29 :: kick off with Jess Abbott from The Sewing Rabbit
Tuesday 6/30  :: Kait Witte from Making it Fun (Michael Miller Fabrics)
Wednesday 7/1  :: Flash Giveaway Day!
Thursday 7/2  :: Jane Kohlstein from Buzzmills
Friday 7/3  :: Me!  A Happy Stitch
Monday 7/6  ::  Rachael Gander at Imagine Gnats
Tuesday 7/7  :: Tamara Serrao at Kaya Joy
Wednesday 7/8  :: Betsy Blodgett from Indygo Junction
Thursday 7/9  :: Laura Titchner from Craftstorming
Friday 7/10  :: Kristin Timm from Skirt As Top
Saturday 7/11  :: Celina Bailey at Petit A Petit and Family
Monday 7/13  :: Celina Bailey at Petit A Petit and Family
Tuesday 7/14  :: Sanae from Sanae Ishida
Wednesday 7/15  :: Erin Sundet at Sewbon
Thursday 7/16 ::  Delia Randall from Delia Creates

Friday 7/17 :: Wrap up {and Surprise Giveaway!}

backyard art camp :: yummy dessert art from sanae

backyard art camp 2013

we have a scrumptious way to finish up week six of backyard art camp….dessert art inspired by the artist Wayne Theibaud!  coming to us fresh from the wonderful Sanae Ishida.  If you are like me, Theibaud might not be a familiar name but his artwork most likely is.  he is the artist that draws gum ball machines and delectable sweets.  perfect for introducing kids to art, right?  Sanae’s backyard art camp involves making fruit pizzas and then asking her daughter to draw them.  be sure to check it out (and set aside some time to explore her lovely blog while you are at it.  you won’t regret it.) BAC-Thiebaud1

leave it to Sanae to come up with something so perfect, too.  Sanae is seemingly capable of sewing anything and makes the most amazing clothing for herself and her daughter. her blog is a visual feast in the most tasteful and sophisticated way possible.   more than likely, you are already familiar with Sanae and her seamstress talents.  if not, well then, you’re welcome.   if you followed the summer Kids Clothes Week you might have stumbled upon the fantastic collaboration Sanae did with her daughter…her daughter sketched out what she wanted and Sanae created it!  now that is one superstar sewing mama!

lechat1 of course, she doesn’t just sew clothing.  Sanae is interested in all manner of crafts and creativity in many forms.  plus, her tidbits of conversation shared with her daughter are hilarious.


Jane and I are so excited to have Sanae’s project join backyard ART camp! dessert art.  suites me just fine!

hard to believe we have already covered so much ground, isn’t it?  nothing has made me happier than seeing all of these extraordinary projects come together.    are you just finding us?  here is a list of every project so far:

know what is even more amazing than that? there is still more to come from these fantastic bloggers. (yes, indeed, there is more!):

have you been creating with your kids too?  don’t forget to share with us,
we love to see what you’ve been making! use the hashtag #backyardartcamp if you share elsewhere, too. be sure to follow our Pinterest board where we are gathering all the projects in one place. happy art making!

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