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Not about Money. Other Reasons to Sell at a Craft Fair

Other Reasons to Sell at a Craft Market! Connections and Creative Fire __a happy stitch

{peg fairies by Sophi Karkeek}

Ack! It has been over a month since I wrote here! I always find it a little embarrassing when I neglect the blog. I do this funny thing where I talk in my head to you guys but don’t match it all up with pretty pictures and non-imaginary words and then lose track of just how long it has been. Silly brain parts.  I just finished up a holiday art fair and had a great time mixed with the usual bit of stress and mental wrestling.  I thought a lot about the financial benefits of a craft fair versus the other reasons I think you should sell at a craft fair and I thought I’d write it all out in case anyone else is pondering these same questions.

The past month has been so busy.  I know everyone can relate to that.  This time of year is intense, man.  For makers it’s even more intense because it’s often the most lucrative time of the year.  Imagine adding to the steep increase in holiday parties, family obligations, school events and gift shopping by having to create ten times as much as normal then promote and attend a craft fair.  It’s kind of insane. I’ve been having heart  palpitations for the last month and I only do one holiday sale! I’m sure other artisans have it much worse.

In the midst of my crazy, stressed-out, not-stopping-to-shower efforts I asked myself, “Is this really worth it?” (more…)

Sorbetto Sundress :: 30 Days of Sundresses

Sundress_Sorbetto Top into a Dress | a happy stitch

It’s around this time of year that I lose all tolerance for annoying things like jeans or tight-fitting dresses. I want to either be wearing grub-wear in the garden or a dress I can throw on over a swimsuit. I also have pretty nit-picky criteria for sundresses…they should be so easy and comfortable you can wear them all day in the sun and also feel free to stop in at the ice cream shop or indulge in a boardwalk funnel cake without shame/discomfort.  You should be able to sweat freely, no pools of sweat that collect at a tight waistband.  They should allow enough length for sitting but not so much that the breeze can’t dry any sweat behind the knees. They should never, ever involve anything that even stands a chance of scraping or itching such as a zipper.  Save all that other stuff for the fancy dresses!   I’m a delicate flower in the hot sun of summer and my tolerance for irritation plummets to all time lows.  I really don’t think I’m the only one.  Let’s be honest, summer days meander with uncertainty and a sundress should be ready for all of it. (more…)

Lane Raglan Hoodie

Lane Raglan Hoodie // a happy stitch

It seems that my sewing this year has inadvertently taken on a theme and that theme is comfort.  I’m terrible at tolerating cold weather and now that I mostly work at home there are rarely times when leggings and a cozy sweatshirt isn’t the answer to every “what should I wear” dilemma.  So, I have been calling out to the universe for the perfect cold weather sweatshirt since the beginning of the year and the response I got was Lane Raglan Hoodie from Hey June Handmade.  I made this version a while back in a rayon jersey for the Upcraft Club blog and I loved it but the rayon jersey is very lightweight.  Perfect for a cool summer evening at the beach but I needed serious snuggle weather sweatshirt.  When I saw a double layer jersey fabric at Rock Paper Scissors, my LQS, I flipped out and bought as much as they had left. (more…)

the only leggings I will ever wear…my sloan leggings

Sloan Leggings // a happy stitch

It took little more than a split-second after making my first pair of Sloan Leggings (for this pattern review on Upcraft Club) to realize that I was going to be making lots of these leggings.  Guys, these are the only leggings I will ever wear.  Ever. I’m gonna die in a tattered pair of handmade sloan leggings. (more…)

Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 :: Two Zippy Jackets

Adorable Zippy Jacket from Melly Sews | Pattern from Perfect Pattern Parcel 4 made by a happy stitch

Um. Tough guy up there got two new zippy jackets! School still hasn’t started around here (!!) so these will be perfect for back to school.  The pattern is part of Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 and it’s from Blank Slate Patterns. I couldn’t resist a ton of adorable pictures because, well, two sweatshirts need twice as many pictures! You know.  (I know you think I’m neglecting C but he’s losing interest in my mama-mades, except for this.  Despite his lack of interest, however, I am hoping to make him some zippy jackets, too.  Probably around Kid’s Clothes Week.  So, don’t fret.  He’s fine.)

Adorable Zippy Jacket from Melly Sews | Pattern from Perfect Pattern Parcel 4 made by a happy stitch

Back to this little zippy jacket!  Oh, how I love it.  It fits J just right and is so snuggly soft.   (more…)

Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 :: Small Fry Skinny Jeans

Boy Jeans!! small fry skinny jeans pattern by twitchy threads| from the Perfect Pattern Parcel 4 made by a happy stitch

Sometimes I like to make a whole bunch of easy things and feel the thrill of accomplishment that comes from making lots of things.  But, sometimes, I want to stretch myself and learn something new, gain skills and put another skill in the skill box.  These jeans (!) represent some of that stretching and pushing.  And, howdy-do I have made real-live jeans! Old cheesy face up there isn’t showing it but he really likes them.

Boy Jeans!! small fry skinny jeans pattern by twitchy threads| from the Perfect Pattern Parcel 4 made by a happy stitch

These are the Titchy Threads pattern company and are called Small Fry Skinny Jeans (part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel #4 bundle) and I would not want to break into the world of jeans with any other pattern by my side.   (more…)

Tutorial :: Make The Perfect Pool Bag {and a giveaway}

Great Tutorial | How to make the Perfect Pool Bag {and a giveaway}

If I were a good blogger I would be talking about Back To School. But, really? Back to School already?  It makes me want to plug my fingers in my ears, close my eyes and hum loudly.  We are just getting to the dog days of summer! Growing up, the month of August felt like a humongous and vast stretch of hot, muggy weather best spent wet and outside with a popsicle dripping down my chin.  I liked it like that.  I want an August like that.

Great Tutorial | How to make the Perfect Pool Bag {and a giveaway}

So, I’m officially resisting the Back to School mindset and to hammer home my point I’m showing you how to make the perfect pool bag.  Perfect because there is space for your towel and smiwsuit as well as enough pockets to store your phone, snacks, flip flops, water bottle and your summer reads, even a place to stash the kid’s wet stuff.  (more…)

Red Umbrella Washi Dress

Red Umbrella Washi Dress

I mentioned that I had made a dress with umbrella fabric from this post and here it is.  You may have noticed this dress already, it was peeking out in this post.  It’s my red umbrella Washi Dress and what better place to photograph an umbrella dress than on castle grounds in Ireland.  Right.  You have to forgive the many wrinkles, these photos were taken after being caught in a rain storm (ironic, I know.) and sitting in a car for hours.

Red Umbrella Washi Dress | made by a happy stitchMy husband was kind enough to be my castle grounds photographer.  How much fun is this fabric? As soon as I saw it here I was in love.  It’s from an etsy designer, New Mom Designs, and all of her fabric prints are so playful and swoon-worthy as well as completely organic.  The fabric itself is cotton and a bit stiff, poplin-like, which gave this washi dress the perfect a-line shape.  It was a splurge but so worth it for such a unique design, I used gift money my lovely mother-in-law sent me.  I love, love, love this dress.

Red Umbrella Wahi Dress | made by a happy stitch

It’s definitely my most fun and comfortable dress. The pattern is, of course, the Washi dress from Made by Rae.  I love how relaxed the Washi is and it produces a dress so casual and prepared for everyday wear but at the same time dressy enough to feel just slightly dressed up.

I think when most people think of dresses with novelty prints, they opt for a retro look and I love the retro-style dresses out there.  Retro just doesn’t fit my lay-in-the-grass, now play soccer, then make lunches and now crawl-around-and-look-for-a-missing-Lego life. The Washi, on the other hand, can handle all of this in stride with the exception of a few character building wrinkles, perhaps.

Red Umbrella Washi Dress


I am willing to branch out, however, so if you have any recommendations for other everyday dresses let me know, would you? I can handle change. I have been eyeing the Go Anywhere dress from Sewn and they even have it at my favorite shop.  Anyone tried that, it looks so cute.

Oh, I almost forgot! I brought this dress along on our family trip so I could stick to my Summer of No Pants goal of three dresses or skirts a week.  Wahoo for sticking to goals! Even little ones.

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