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Sewing Plans for 2018.

Almost every year, I start out with a list of things I am going to sew.  More accurately, I make lists of what I’m going to sew.  Multiple lists. On various scraps of paper that end up in various places. Ideas land in my paper planner, scribbled in the margins of a journal or on my coquis paper.  It’s unbearably inefficient and I seriously frustrate myself. This year, inspired by the beautiful Make Nine posts popping up all over Instagram (and hosted by Rochelle New) I vowed to organize my sewing plans for 2018.

I realized as I tried to make my list of nine things that many of my sewing plans are actually pattern hacks or boring basics.  I wanted to reserve my Make Nine list for more challenging sewing and leave tees and leggings on the basics list.  So, I expanded the idea to Make Nine, Hack Nine and Basics.  I’m hoping by documenting all of this here I will keep myself organized and won’t end up straying off track.

Here are my sewing plans for the Make Nine list:


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