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Handmade Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution | a happy stitch

Happy Earth Day everybody! This week is Handmade Fashion Revolution Week hosted by Celina at Petit a Petit and Family. It’s the hand-makers response to the Fashion Revolution Organization, which was started to commemorate the terrible garment factory collapse in Bangladesh three years ago this week.

Bangladesh has one of the lowest wages in the world for its garment makers and over a thousand of these workers died, nearly all women, in one day.  Around 2,500 workers were injured.  Just to repeat, in one day, doing work for some of the lowest wages in the entire world, 1,134 people died. Thousands of families changed forever.  Bangladesh makes a lot of our t-shirts and if you have ever had a t-shirt flung at you through a t-shirt gun at a sporting event, you already know just how much care we take of their work. If you have seen any images from this tragedy, you know that it’s impossible to forget them. The ecological damage and human danger of fast fashion is something that is often on my mind.  It’s a world so removed and so unseen that we are hardly to blame for forgetting it even exists.  (more…)

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