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Casual but Elegant. My Tallinn Sweatshirt

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Hey June patterns. I use her patterns to make so much of my wardrobe, i.e. the cheyennesloan leggings, the lane raglan, it’s all on standby in my closet.  So, when I was asked to be a pattern tester for her latest women’s pattern, the Tallinn Sweater, I jumped on the chance.  And, I’m so happy I did because now I have this casual but elegant Tallin sweatshirt. (more…)

Layering Tank

DSC_0323 (1)

In addition to the rolled hem tunic, the tee tunic and the fancy neckline tee, I also hacked my Plantain Tee to turn it into a simple layering tank.  This tank top isn’t exactly a show-stopper but I gotta make some clothing staples.  The Nothing New Project is no joke and means not everything I make can be exciting.  Besides, I’ve been looking for the kind of tank top that I can wear under some of my patterned woven tops.  Just a good solid layered look. (more…)

Plain T-Shirt; Fancy Neckline

Plain t-shirt; fancy neckline

Oh, don’t be fooled by this simple looking t-shirt.  Beneath its coquettish grey-beige color lies a little mystery of the subtle variety.  If this plain t-shirt were to shape shift, it would come to life as the quiet, ordinary but enigmatic woman at a cocktail party. The one you are inexplicably drawn to and find yourself talking with all night.  That’s right.  This is a plain t-shirt with a fancy neckline, and that, my friends, makes it special. (more…)

Twisted Tank Tops

I know that the weather is way over tank tops, Halloween has passed and our heads are in full Thanksgiving meal mode.  But I realized I forgot to share these adorable twisted tank tops and the photos are too fun to pass up.  I don’t know what gets into these monkey boys sometimes but it sure is fun!

Awesome tank top for boys! The Twisted Tank from Titchy Threads made by a happy stitch. There are no side seams, the design is spectacular!

Also, can we talk about arm muscles!  When did these two get those guns? It was hard enough when they lost their baby fat, I can’t handle actual muscles.

The tank pattern is from Titchy Threads, it’s called the Twisted Tank.  I was lucky enough to be asked to be a pattern tester, which means I received the pattern for free before it was in final version and I provided feedback. I really didn’t have much to say, however.  I always find (like these jeans)  that Titchy Threads patterns are really thoughtfully created with clever little details that teach me something new. Awesome tank top for boys! The Twisted Tank from Titchy Threads made by a happy stitch. There are no side seams, the design is spectacular!

The Twisted Tank pattern is no exception.  The interesting thing about these tank tops is they have no side seams.  The pattern is constructed such that the pieces twist around the side and the seams are formed with the diagonals in the front and back.  Genius, right?  I swear Laura’s brain must operate in 5D.  This might sound weird but I really envy her spatial ability.  It must be like The Matrix in her head…she can see the world in a way we cannot. Awesome tank top for boys! The Twisted Tank from Titchy Threads made by a happy stitch. There are no side seams, the design is spectacular!

The little diagonal pocket is also fantastic.  So flipping cute and surprisingly easy to get it in the right place and constructed properly, again because of the great pattern instructions.  My only critique of the pattern is that the sizing is on the small side.  Both tanks are pretty tight on the boys and they don’t really like a tight fit.  Before long, J grabbed C’s tank and wore that one instead.  Easy solution.  But, when summer rolls around and I make more of these I will definitely size up. Awesome tank top for boys! The Twisted Tank from Titchy Threads made by a happy stitch. There are no side seams, the design is spectacular! For the fabric, I was able to use stuff in my stash.  The light blue is actually an old jersey knit bed sheet that I upcycled but the rest is stuff I had around and was able to squeak out just enough to make these tops.  Just another great thing about making clothes for kids in summer.  Looking at these tops makes me nostalgic for summer wear, so easy, so little fabric!

perfect pattern parcel :: the bronte top

Nautical Bronte Top from Jennifer Lauren in Perfect Pattern Parcel | made by Melissa from A Happy Stitch

This Bronte top was the fourth and final clothing item I made using the most recent Perfect Pattern Parcel but it was the item I was immediately excited about when I saw the patterns. Way back when my kids were really little I marveled at the onesies they wore with the cute overlapping shoulders and I wished they made them for grown-ups.  So, when I saw the Bronte top I realized the day had come!  My sleep-deprived design vision was now a possibility.  (more…)

kid’s clothes week :: matching pj’s for the boys

Kids Clothes Week : Super soft match pajamas for boys | made by a happy stitch

Look! I made pj’s for the boys!  Thanks to kids’ clothes week I’m back making stuff for these two monkeys.  And, I even hung a sheet in the bedroom and got some proper pictures of them wearing the whole getup.

Matchy match pi's for boys | part of Kid's Clothes Week made by Melissa Q. at a happy stitch

The best part is they love them!  We had so much fun taking pictures, they were being hilarious and I remember how much easier it is to get picture of kids wearing handmade than to get around to the awkward process of taking pictures of myself.  Of course, I did my usual; bribed the boys with M&M’s (not even the fake health food store ones, real M&M’s).  But, they love the pj’s and loved taking pictures especially when I suggested they get their favorite teddys in the shot.

matching pj's for boys | part of Kid's Clothes Week made by  a happy stitch

The details: Fabric is a super-soft think jersey knit from Wanderlust. I love the colors but the fabric has a bit of polyester content that might just pill over time. We will see.  Other than that, it is perfect for summer pajamas because of its softness and lightweight-ness (think I just invented a new fabric term with that one).

silly faced boys in super soft matching pj's | made by a happy stitch

The pattern for the bottoms is a complete mystery.  I am pretty good about labeling patterns but I have this one pattern labelled “short sweats size 4/5”.  Maybe I drafted it way back when? Anyway, it looked humongous for a 4/5T size and just right otherwise. Sure enough, it fits C perfectly who is a 7T and it’s pretty roomy on J who is a 5T.  Go figure?  I used it because I felt too lazy to search for another shorts pattern.  I’m glad it worked because it could have been a disaster and I would have had my laziness to blame.  For the tops I modified the ‘crossover top’ from Growing Up Sew Liberated (affiliate link) for J’s shirt and drafted a top for C based on his measurements because the crossover top only goes up to size 5T.  Both of the tees fit well, which is great because I can use them again.

Matchy match pi's for boys | part of Kid's Clothes Week made by Melissa Q. at a happy stitch Now, kid’s clothes week has a theme this time around and that theme is kid art.  These pj’s don’t have anything to do with kid art, the boys just needed summer jams.  But, I did ask the boys if they had any ideas for things they might draw that I could sew and they both drew elaborate soccer outfits complete with detailed soccer badges from their respective imaginary worlds! I couldn’t say no.  It looks like the rest of my kid’s clothes week hours are spoken for.  Those t-shirt patterns will be quite useful and I will probably be tweaking the shorts. I’ve already traveled to our local Goodwill and found huge t-shirts in just the right colors that I can deconstruct.  I’m not yet sure how to make the elaborate team badges, though?  I was thinking maybe use a t-shirt transfer? Or freezer paper stencil? I have the sinking feeling I’ll be trying a couple techniques. Yes, it’s thursday.  This operation could leak into next week but I don’t think these guys will mind.

Matchy match pi's for boys | part of Kid's Clothes Week made by Melissa Q. at a happy stitch

kid’s clothes week :: hats and mittens in jersey knit

knit hats and mitts from a happy stitch

The boys got hats and mitten in a soft jersey knit.  Yay!  Take that polar vortex!  Thank you very much kid’s clothes week.

wahoo! hats and mitts from a happy stitch

These are thin hats and mitts, made with two layers of simple jersey knit fabric.  Their thinness, surprisingly, is what makes them perfect for these two maniacs.  Unless we are heading outside to sled they balk at wearing their bulky hats and hardcore winter gloves. For little trips to the car and to school they want to be able to do things like, oh you know, move their hands or be unencumbered by a heavy hat.     It’s just nice to have a light hat & mitts sometimes.

knit hats and funky mitts from a happy stitch

The mittens turned out really funky.  I mean they are functional and they will be used but I laughed out loud when I finished them.  Look at that extra long finger section!  Funky monkey mittens is what they are.  I don’t feel bad about that at all, however.  It’s always handy to have an extra pair of mittens…they are always the first things to get lost and it’s nice to have another pair hanging around.  It’s a good thing, however, the hats are so darn cute or my mama making insecurity might interrupt my happy making plans.

loving the hats and funky mitts in knit fabric from a happy stitch

The patterns are from a brand called Green Pepper.  They were impulse purchases I made years ago while in line at Jo-Anns.  I altered the hats a bit to make them even simpler but the pattern is the easiest thing ever.  Both are fully lined and the mittens, believe it or not, are made with one simple piece.  The hat comes together easily involving only cutting one main and one lining piece.  Just the kind of project I can pump out in a KCW hour.  Are you making for your kids this week?  How’s it going?  I’ve ditched planning and I’m winging it from project to project.  Hoping to finish some pants we desperately need but, really, who knows what will come next.


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