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A Georgia Dress Hack with All The Flowers

Georgia Dress Hack :: the All The Flowers version || a happy stitchGuys, I stitched up another Georgia dress hack and it has all the flowers.  All of them. As soon as I made this version of the Georgia dress from Seamwork Magazine, I knew that I needed a second one.  Honestly, this dress is so easy to wear I considered making many more but settled on one more (for now 🙂 ) . I just couldn’t pass up this lovely Art Gallery Fabric in rayon.  I just love an easy dress and this slinky, drape-y fabric full of flowers is extra irresistible.


Adelaide Dress in Silk

Adelaide Dress in silk // a happy stitch

If there is one thing missing from my closet it is date-night dresses.  I’ve got casual wear covered but I don’t have many let’s-go-out-without-the-kids outfits.  So when I saw the Adelaide dress from Seamwork Mag I thought I’d have a go at dressing it up.  Now the pattern calls for a heavier fabric like linen or another bottom weight but I made mine in silk.  I went to an estate sale this summer for a woman who was a prolific sewer and I walked away with 4 yards of 100% pure Italian silk fabric for $2.  Such a score!  I’ve never sewn with silk before but given how little I paid for the fabric I didn’t have to feel nervous using it.  (more…)

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