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Sallie Jumpsuit

Ah, guys. I made the Sallie jumpsuit and I’m feeling a lot of feelings.  I think it might be a Wonder Woman suit or a power suit or secret pajamas.  Or all of these things.  It’s comfortable and wide-legged and a little bit amazing.

Are you feeling the 1970s vibe these days like I am?  I’ve been in a love-hate relationship with skinny jeans for the last decade. I love for them for only one reason…they are great for showing off tall boots. I hate them for how they squeeze my substantial hips into unnatural shapes and always seem to be falling down.  I’m the girl yanking them up every time I get out of the car.  And, you know what?  The 70s wide leg style is exactly the opposite. Wide leg is like full hip freedom.  Sit down, stand up, move around and my hips are still happy.  This is how it should be.  Add to that the fact that this jumpsuit is made in super soft jersey knit and it’s fancy pants comfort all around.

I wore this to my book club recently and could sit cross-legged on the ground and still felt like a lady. I’m pretty sure I am reliving my mother’s days in her twenties. Plus, pockets!

Check out how stunning the back tie is!  This might be my favorite part. (P.S. Look at how free my hips are!! )

Here are the details:

Pattern is from Closet Case Patterns, the Sallie Jumpsuit and Maxi-Dress.  It was easy to understand, clear and straightforward. It was my first time using a Closet Case Pattern and I’m in love!

Fabric is a jersey knit, cotton and spandex combination, from Urban Sewciety.  The fabric is fantastic because it has lots of drape and weight but I might try a laguna knit for this next time because it’s a tiny bit thin, which has resulted in droopy-ness in the knee area after a small amount of wear.

The other issue I have is that the pockets are a bit visible from the outside.  I’m not sure if it’s because of the thinness of the fabric or just a result of the tight fit at the hips? I guess I will find out when I make a second jumpsuit in a thicker knit.

One thing I love about the thin, drape-y jersey is that the elastic waistband isn’t bulky and the fit overall is slimming.  A more structured jersey knit would definitely change the look a bit.  Choosing jersey knit fabric is just always so fraught, isn’t it?

Regardless, I will be making this again. For a brief moment I considered making seven of these and just making it my full-time uniform.  That impulse did pass.  You now that excited moment just after you have made something you like and your brain plays crazy, over-excited tricks on you? Maybe I’m alone in this one but that’s when I just can’t stop myself.

I did make a dress mash-up version of the Sallie Jumpsuit. This combined the jumpsuit top with a shorter skirt portion for an easy to wear dress.

It’s incredibly wearable and versatile and comfortable.

It has the same visible-pockets issues, sadly.  And, it’s missing the va-va-voom of the jumpsuit but it’s a great addition to my closet.

Speaking of wide legs and the 1970s, I recently bought the Lander Pants pattern AND purchased 8 yards of Cone Mills denim after reading that Cone Mills is shutting down.  Watch for more wide leg coming soon!

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