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Perfect Fall Sweater :: A Lane Raglan Hack

We have a gigantic tree smack-dab in the center of our yard and all summer long it keeps our garden about ten degrees cooler than the surrounding area. I love it with all my heart when I’m enjoying that cooling shade under its protective arms.  But the love starts to fade right around this time of the year when its gigantic branches shed their foliage and the yard fills with load after load of brown and yellow leaves.  Right now we are being hit with the first wave of leaves and for me that always signals the most awkward phase of autumn…the “is it hot or cold out?” phase.  You know this one.  You feel a shiver and put on a sweater. Stand in the sun for too long and that sweater starts to feel like a personal prison of heat.  You start sweating immediately.  Take it off, though, and there is sure to be just the right amount of cloud cover and you will feel that cold shiver once again.  I never deal with this transition very delicately but I think I may have found something of a solution with this perfect fall sweater.  It’s a lane raglan hack using loose sweater knit for the body and a peek of rayon for the front.  I shortened the arms, adding a cuff making it airy and cooler than your average sweater but fancier than a regular lane raglan with more coverage than just a regular raglan tee.

I’m sharing a full tutorial and detail on the Hey June blog, where I just started as a member of the Hey June blogger team.  (It’s about time, right? Given how much I love and make her patterns!) Be sure to check it out.

Lane Raglan Hoodie

Lane Raglan Hoodie // a happy stitch

It seems that my sewing this year has inadvertently taken on a theme and that theme is comfort.  I’m terrible at tolerating cold weather and now that I mostly work at home there are rarely times when leggings and a cozy sweatshirt isn’t the answer to every “what should I wear” dilemma.  So, I have been calling out to the universe for the perfect cold weather sweatshirt since the beginning of the year and the response I got was Lane Raglan Hoodie from Hey June Handmade.  I made this version a while back in a rayon jersey for the Upcraft Club blog and I loved it but the rayon jersey is very lightweight.  Perfect for a cool summer evening at the beach but I needed serious snuggle weather sweatshirt.  When I saw a double layer jersey fabric at Rock Paper Scissors, my LQS, I flipped out and bought as much as they had left. (more…)

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