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Knitting Without Needles :: an impromptu infinity scarf

Knitting Without Needles // the book

You know how Oprah does her giveaways?  “You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!”  and everyone goes nuts.  Well I have learned how to finger knit and I’m walking around my house like a finger knitting Oprah on a giveaway bender.  Looking over at long-neglected yarn, “I could knit that!”;  the string we use to tie up recycling, “I could finger knit that!”; striped holiday twine, “I could finger knit that!”; a rope in a sad corner of the basement, “I could knit that!”; and even thin wire for jewelry-making, “I could KNIT that!”. Dude, I am knitting and the audience in my head is going wild and looking around at the world in a whole new way.  I have the new book Knitting Without Needles by my friend Anne Weil* to thank for this madness. Did you even know you could knit WITHOUT needles? I had no idea! And, Anne’s book also includes projects for arm-knitting as well as finger knitting.  Arm and finger knitting is crazy good. It totally changes things.  For one, you can knit so much faster and for another the scale is shifted…projects become big, chunky and modern. I love it!  (more…)

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