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What Kid’s Clothes Week Means to Me

I feel that right now is a bit of a transition point for a lot of the sewing/blogging/DIY world.  For me that change-point is partially marked by the recent announcement that Meg and Dorie, the hard-working mamas behind Kid’s Clothes Week are moving on.  Of course, the super talented Julie from Our Chez Nous is taking over and that is indeed wonderful news! A whole new phase for the phenomenon that is KCW.  In honor of this change they asked many long-time participants, such as myself, to reflect back on what KCW means to me. Be sure to check out my post over on their site (as well as the beautiful thoughts put down by Kristin and Maartje).

Kid's Clothes Week and Me

In looking back on KCW, I realized that I started participating in KCW in 2011.  That’s five years ago! I have learned so much since then and well, thinking back over all of it got me a little emotional.  This sewing/crafting/DIY world is such a good place with such good people.  My real-life Facebook feed is full of vitriol and disagreements but my sewing groups are full of “Wow! Great job!”, “You look amazing in that!”, “Impressive skills.” and dozens more like that.  KCW has often been at the center of that happy world for me.  I get more into it in my post on the KCW blog.

Kid's Clothes Week Memories a happy stitch

The long and short of it is this, KCW is a place of joy and camaraderie; acceptance and understanding.  Can’t wait to see where it all goes from here. Read more of my thoughts here. Yay for KCW and their new leader Julie!

BTW, the next KCW is coming up! May 23-29th and the theme is…The Future! Isn’t that perfect?!

Kid’s Clothes Week :: Compulsory Raglan Tees

Kid's Clothes Week :: Raglan Tees for Boys // a happy stitch

It is pretty well-established how much I like my boys in raglan tees.  I’ve been making these tees for so long that I’m no longer working off the real pattern (from *Sewing For Boys) and am just adapting a pattern that was previously adapted. A tweak of a tweak.  I’ve realized that my kids arms grow bigger and they get taller in a greater proportion than they grow outward and I just make adaptations based on that general information.  It seems to be working.  It will come as no surprise then to hear that I have made my (by-now) compulsory raglan tees for this Kid’s Clothes Week. (more…)

Kids’ Clothes Week :: Wild Animals (in Pajamas)

Wild Animal Pajamas // Kids' Clothes Week

It’s become something of a tradition for me to make the boys pajamas during Kids’ Clothes Week.  Considering how much they love wild animals, especially wild cats, it was only fitting that this time around the pajamas have wild animals on them. It’s also fitting because these days the two of them together act like wild animals most of the time, complete with wrestling and showmanship; even heavy, dramatic emotions that dissipate quickly.  Parenting them is like watching one of those natures show with dry commentary, “Together, the cubs play by jumping on and running alongside each other…even starting small fights intended to prepare them for the alpha male fights to come in their grown-up years”.

Wild Animal Pajamas // Kids' Clothes Week

Yup. Wild animals in pajamas with wild animals on them.  That is what these two are.  More specifically, one cheetah and one alligator. (more…)

Kids’ Clothes Week :: When Your Kid Wants To Be A Mailbox

Mailbox Costume

I am not normally the kind of crafty-mama that makes Halloween costumes. Everyone assumes that I do because, apparently, most of the crafty mamas in the world are all over Halloween costumes.  The truth is, my kids usually change their mind in the lead up to Halloween and they tend to want very specific costumes such as characters from their favorites games or shows. I don’t like sewing drama so I tend to stay out that last minute, this-doesn’t-look-like-Obi-Wan-Ken-Obi mess. This year, however, was very different.  J decided months ago that he wanted to be a mailbox.  I thought this idea would pass but he was telling everyone we saw “I’m going to be a mailbox for Halloween”.  Experience told me, “he still might change his mind, don’t jump into making anything”.  Another month passed and he stuck to this idea; getting more and more excited.  Thankfully, my husband was a believer and got started painting a blue box in ‘Postal Blue’.  There was no denying, this kid wanted to be a mailbox. As it was Kid’s Clothes Week and all, I finally converted to believer.  We painted a logo and I got busy sewing an entirely blue outfit with a hood to complete the look. (more…)

kids’ clothes week :: upcycled sweatpants with stripes!

upcycled sport pants for boys

You know what makes the easiest pair of sweatpants ever?  One old t-shirt (with funky stripes) and a pair of women’s (or mens) jogging pants!  Or, in my case two old t-shirts and three pairs of jogging pants to make 3 pairs of sweats.  Now, these are just plain old no-pocket sweats but I’m really excited about them.  (more…)

Kids’ Clothes Week :: Cozy Winter Robes

There is a funny thing that happens at our house and it happens every. single. day.  C & J run around the house like mad after school, usually playing soccer or basketball.  It makes them sweaty and hot so they peel off any warm sweatshirts or long-sleeve tees.  As a result of their near-naked status they start to shiver once they are sat down (and still!) for dinner.  Combatting this phenomenon is why I’ve had robes on my to-make list for a while now.  Kids’ Clothes Week was just the motivation I needed to finally make these cozy winter robes!

Cozy Winter Robes for Boys | Made by Melissa Q. at a happy stitch

The pattern is from Purl Soho, I picked it as a freebie when I signed up for their newsletter. I am pretty happy with it but it is a little tight around the armholes for C, which is a bummer because comfort is key when it comes to a robe.  It fits J perfectly, though.  (more…)

kid’s clothes week :: the knight hoodies

We are Knights! The awesome Knight Hoodies from Charming Doodle | made by a happy stitch

I squeaked in just the right amount of Kid’s Clothes Week making this week and man, oh man was it a success.  I’m talking, of course, about these awesome Knight Hoodies.  The pattern is from Charming Doodle and it is bang on!  These two boys hate wearing sweatshirts and jackets or basically anything that will keep them warm or save them from a cold and desperate death from pneumonia.  Not that this makes me anxious or anything. Ahem.  Without diving too deep into my neuroses, let’s just say I am always searching for ways to make staying warm an inviting and irresistible proposition.

The awesome Knight Hoodie from Charming Doodle | made by Melissa from A Happy Stitch


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