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Sewing Plans for 2018.

Almost every year, I start out with a list of things I am going to sew.  More accurately, I make lists of what I’m going to sew.  Multiple lists. On various scraps of paper that end up in various places. Ideas land in my paper planner, scribbled in the margins of a journal or on my coquis paper.  It’s unbearably inefficient and I seriously frustrate myself. This year, inspired by the beautiful Make Nine posts popping up all over Instagram (and hosted by Rochelle New) I vowed to organize my sewing plans for 2018.

I realized as I tried to make my list of nine things that many of my sewing plans are actually pattern hacks or boring basics.  I wanted to reserve my Make Nine list for more challenging sewing and leave tees and leggings on the basics list.  So, I expanded the idea to Make Nine, Hack Nine and Basics.  I’m hoping by documenting all of this here I will keep myself organized and won’t end up straying off track.

Here are my sewing plans for the Make Nine list:


Plantain Tees in White, Ocean and Cat

You guys. I have to start by saying I am so touched and encouraged by everyone’s kind reactions to my last post about why I stopped buying new clothes!  I loved hearing how many of you are doing the same and I loved all the detailed questions.  It just means so much to me.  Truly.  I was feeling pretty vulnerable about writing that post and I feel like you all responded with a hearty “Go For It!”  Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be sure to write more as the year progresses now that I know people are interested.

Meanwhile, I have been chipping away at my ‘make’ list and have started with t-shirts because it is first on the list for Project Sew It.  Welcome to the story of the plantain tee in white, ocean and cat. Yup. Cat!  (more…)

Why I Stopped Buying New Clothes

Why & How I Stopped Buying New Clothes || Melissa Q. from a happy stitch

I am a maker at heart and if there is one thing I know it is that behind every stitch, sketch and blob of ink there is a story of how it got there.  The more I make things the more I am certain of it.  There are no exceptions. When I wear my handmade clothes I remember making it. I remember where I got the fabric and how it felt after washing it for the first time. I remember the sewing mishaps and any corrections I had to make.  I remember how I had to read the instructions three times to figure out the placket.  Sometimes I even remember the weather or what I was listening to while I made it.  The whole story of its construction is embedded in the fibers as are snippets from every time I wore it.  It is rich with story.

But it is not just the handmade.  Everything has a story; everything was made by someone somewhere. It was while thinking about these stories, three years ago, that I decided to stopped buying new clothes. (more…)

Sandbridge Skirt

Sandbridge Skirt - another great pattern from Hey June Handmade :: Sewn by a happy stitch

When it comes to sewing clothes in the summer I am totally seduced by simple tops and easy tunics and all other things that can be sewn in a hour (MAYBE two if I’m feeling a teeny bit ambitious). I have honestly made eight different pillows already this month.

Pillows. So easy. So many places to rest my head.

It’s part laziness but also the nature of summer.  I’m busy driving kids back and forth to camp and battling the Fight Club-like atmosphere that emerges from the deep bowels of summer boredom.  My remaining energy is spent looking for the quick, easy high that comes from finishing something.  Anyone else in this boat? So, when Adrianna from Hey June Handmade asked me if I was interested in pattern testing her latest skirt, the Sandbridge, my internal dialogue went some like this “Oh man, a complicated skirt! That looks like work.(insert winy voice).” And then, “But, this skirt looks awesome and you actually need a skirt.(insert responsible voice)”.  Followed by, “But work! (winy voice)” and finally, “Dude! You have so much to learn from making this. Her patterns always fit you. Buck up and do it! (angry responsible voice)”  I responded to Adrianna with an “I’d love to!”.  See, I have official grown up status. (more…)

Perfect Lounge Pants

Perfect Lounge Pants!! Les Fleurs Rayon Lounge Pants with ribbon trim sewn by a happy stitch

There are certain clothing items that I consider an extreme indulgence and fancy lounge pants is one of them.  Let’s be honest, any old pair of sweatpants will generally suffice when it comes to at-home casual wear. As a Minnesota-born woman, it’s effectively burned into my DNA to avoid excess luxury and always make do with what is sufficient…I don’t paint my nails, I barely even moisturize my skin.  I’m slow to accept indulgences into my life. As you can imagine, upping my lounge pants game is like going seriously fancy lady. But, when I came across the rayon floral prints designed by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. for Cotton and Steel and felt how silky soft it is all I could think of was making the perfect pair of lounge pants. I went for it, I went full fancy lady folks. (more…)

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