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Men’s Boxer Shorts [Free Pattern + Juxaposey llama Fabric]

Hi all! We are all back from our spring break, feeling fresh and revived.  It’s the perfect time for me to release my first free pattern. Eek! This whole thing started because I felt I was neglecting my husband, sewing-wise. Here is the deal, sewing for men can be difficult. It’s certainly harder than choosing what I want for myself or even my kids.  Plus, unless you are sewing for one of those Florida dudes in need of an endless supply of breezy, patterned shirts it’s also a little dull.  But…you know what isn’t dull? Boxer Shorts! Full of fun patterns and colors and easy to construct, men’s boxer shorts are basically the wild and crazy guy of a dude’s chest of drawers. So guys! Guess what? It’s time to bust out some awesome fabric and get cranking out boxer shorts!  I picked llamas and a fun print from Betz White’s new Juxtaposey line. In fact, Betz really is the inspiration for this whole project.  When she asked me to make something in her new line I knew it had to be boxer’s short for my dude. (more…)

A Plantain Tee Hack – tunic-ifying

The Plaintain Tee - Lengthened to a tunic

I kinda went on a Plantain Tee hack rampage.  I made six different versions of Plantain tees with six different variations. It was obsessive and all-consuming and fantastic. When I wasn’t teaching or on email, I was either dreaming about or making a Plantain Tee hack.  I even had a moment when I thought to myself….”all I might ever need to wear can be made out of a Plantain Tee!” then I remembered about bras and underwear and sweaters and jeans.  But still, if you discount undergarments and think only about warm weather clothing, I might still be onto something.

The Plantain Tee is a free pdf pattern from the French designer Deer and Doe and it’s got a great scoop neck, easy construction and gosh-darn-it, it fits me well! I got the idea for a million different variations while I was teaching my Plantain Tee class at Rock Paper Scissors (btw, local friends, they are having a big birthday bash this Saturday complete with 25% off sale!) . My students and I were talking about all the things we could do with the pattern and one student lengthened hers and I got excited to play around and make a whole bunch. I got excited to try out all the ideas.  Not just dream but do!  Also, with the hot weather we’ve been having I knew that I would wear a tee and paying careful attention to making things I will actually wear helps me stick to my Nothing New Project goals.  (Thanks to so many of you, by the way, for your thoughtful comments here, by email and in person even about the project. I’m excited!)  (more…)

Sorbetto top and it’s all mine, because apparently it’s all about me now.

I’ve been feeling a little bad about how all of my sewing has been for myself lately.  I mean, it has been one thing after another for me, me, me around here.  What’s up with that? Aren’t sewing mama’s supposed to be all giving and whatnot?

sorbetto in voile - a happy stitch

Then it hit me…the boys aren’t excited when I sew for them lately.  And, my husband, bless his Irish heart but with him it’s mostly understood that anything I make for him I do for the fun of making it not because he wanted it.

The things these people NEED are frankly a little boring to make and can be purchased at a used clothing shop for $2.50 each.  Bam.  My closet just got happier & more carefree.

sorbetto in voile

This breezy, pleated tank top is a particularly happy one.  It’s made using a free pattern, the famous Sorbetto from Collette Patterns and I got the fabric for a steal at a yard sale.  Considering how expensive sewing can get sometimes, this feels good.  The Sorbetto is such a basic pattern that it’s really easy to alter and indeed, I played around with the pattern a little.

For starters, I used bias tape (as the pattern calls for) on the neck and shoulders but moved it inside the top thereby narrowing the shoulder straps and exaggerating the scoop neck a little.  I also inverted the front pleat to make it less obvious than the in the pattern and I didn’t enclose the pleat at the bottom because I wanted a more a-line, flow-y look. It’s kind of a hippy, summer love shirt.  For me.

sorbetto in voile

Has this we-don’t-need-you-to-sew-for-us thing happened to any other sewists out there? Is it because I have boys?  Does your family love when you make things for them or is it sometime a labor of (your) love? All the bloggy pictures out there seem to be filled with happy recipients.

I’m not going to be able to participate in the upcoming KCW because I will be away and I’m sad because I haven’t missed one in a long time but also need some time to brainstorm something fun to sew that the boys will love.  A dapper hat, maybe? Might be time to get more inventive with t-shirt stencils.  I’m open to any ideas.  Of course, I will be here (yay!) so I’m not all that sad to miss KCW.

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