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Alice Top in Batiste

Alice Top in Batiste (Leah Duncan fabric from Cloud 9 fabrics) :: A Happy Stitch

A few weeks (possibly months? Dunno. Time doesn’t make sense anymore.)…whatever, let’s say “a while back” to be safe. The point is, I stopped in at Cloud 9 Fabrics to drop off some sample products I had sewn for them and Michelle was wearing an amazing Alice Top in batiste fabric. We got talking about it and pretty soon I needed to make one too.  It looked so good on her and I couldn’t resist the simple but unusual design of this low-key top. (more…)

Look at You, 2016.

Look At You 2016! Handmade Clothing of 2016 by A Happy Stitch

Happy New Year everybody! The book is officially closed on 2016 and personally, I was getting worried that damn door was never gonna shut. I know there are battles ahead in 2017 but it feels refreshing to be on the other side.  I’m feeling optimistic and ready. Our family had a lovely, restorative winter break complete with waterpark adventures, puzzles, family time and so many games! (Friends with elementary-aged children, do yourself a favor and pick up the game Catan Junior.* It’s such a fun game for everyone!)

Looking back on 2016, I feel proud.  Guys, I did it. I stuck to my continuing goal of buying no new clothing for a second year. That is two straight years of only making or buying secondhand clothes. My Nothing New Project is going strong with no end in sight.  And, honestly, this has become a bigger focus of my attention that I will be talking about a lot more this year. (more…)

Quilt Market Samples for Cloud 9 Fabrics

Cloud 9 Knits

I am not at Quilt Market but it’s roaring along right now in Salt Lake City and shots from this massive quilting fabric market are clogging my IG feed.  I have such mixed feelings about Quilt Market, part of me would love to attend but the smart part of me realizes that I would hate it.  Big crowds, tons of things to see.  It’s the worst kind of sensory overload for an introvert of my stripe. Either way, I get really jealous of everyone attending every time it comes around.   I am consoled by the fact that I usually have some of my stitches in attendance.  The lovely people at Cloud 9 Fabric have their office about a half an hour from my house and I’m so honored that they frequently hire me to sew samples for them. (more…)

Rain Walk Tunic, Cuff Placket Tutorial and a Giveaway

Rain Walk Tunic

Oh hey! It’s been a little while since I posted something with me in it! And, I have so much to share….scroll down for information about the giveaway if you want to skip my blathering on.  I think I’m pretty interesting but, hey, I get it!

I have been in love with the Rain Walk collection of prints from Cloud 9 Fabrics since they were released.  Designed by one of my sewing heroes, Anna Graham of Noodlehead, they exude her great grace and quiet but energetic style of classy. So, when my friends at Cloud 9 asked me if I wanted to play with them I was ecstatic.   (more…)

Christmas Stitches in August

Christmas Stitches in Festive Fabric Look! Holiday fabric!  Because, you know, sewists are the only people who are sweating it out behind an iron and sewing machine in the dog days of humid August heat while staring at snowmen, icicles and mistletoe.  It’s just a cruel truth.

Sadly, these aren’t for me (though they do have me thinking I should get a jump-start on holiday sewing).  Every once in a while I get to stitch up sample products for Cloud9 Fabrics with their upcoming fabric lines.  I’m so, so lucky to live only 20 minutes away from this amazing company.  Most recently, they asked me to make cloth napkins, potholders and an apron from their Festive fabric line which just shipped out to stores.  As you can see it’s Christmas / Wintertime themed but because it is designed by Jo Clark for Cloud 9 so the prints are cute, subtle and classy instead of tacky CHRISTMAS-in-your-face! 
Christmas Stitches in Festive Fabric (more…)

Small World Sewing : Music Box, Playtime and Abbey Jacket

Small World Sewing : Music Box, Playtime and Abbey Jacket

I am lucky enough to live twenty minutes away from the organic fabric company, Cloud 9 Fabrics and sometimes I get to sew samples for them!  It’s pretty awesome because their fabrics are just straight up amazing.  I was thrilled when they sent me the Small World fabrics from Rae Hoefstra to work with.  Thrilled! I mean, LOOK, it is so bright and colorful and it’s corduroy but lightweight corduroy.  It’s so perfect.  I love all of the prints, they remind me a bit of some Boden textiles except they are also perfectly Rae!  Cloud 9 asked me to make three things for them.  So for my small world sewing I stitched up a music box jumper, a playtime dress and an abbey jacket.  Mostly, I want to gush over this fabric but the patterns are really exciting, too and they deserve a review. Given that the fabrics have just been released AND it is Kid’s Clothes Week, it seemed a good time to show and tell. (more…)

Quiltcon :: Sewing for Cloud 9 Fabrics (almost as good as being there)

Was your Instagram feed full of images from Quiltcon over the weekend? I know mine was and it was so inspiring.  This humongous quilting conference in Austin, Texas hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild is amazing and the quilts look positively incredible (be sure to check out the winners. Unreal!).  I was so bummed I couldn’t attend.  So when the lovely people at Cloud 9 fabrics, the premier organic fabric company that just happens to be in New Jersey (represent!), asked me to stitch up some items for them to bring to Quiltcon, I was thrilled.Blossom Blouse for Cloud 9 | QuiltCon makesNot only did I get to play with some of the upcoming fabrics they are releasing but I also got to have a few stitches of my own at Quiltcon…even if they were there having a good time without me. (more…)

visiting Cloud 9 and finding devotion & inspiration

every few months I skip out of dinner and drive about an hour and half to Montclair, NJ to attend the North Jersey Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  I’m not much of a quilter, really, and I hate driving, especially on the congested roads that take me north.  but I am a member of this guild and a passionate one at that.  you gotta understand, the people in this group of quilters are really extraordinary.  by that I mean open and accepting, warm and encouraging, non-competitive, bright and downright giddy about quilts.  it’s like being back home in Minnesota, for goodness sake.

so when the guild arranged a field trip I jumped at the chance. I love these people, of course I’ll go on a field trip!   we went as a big group to what looked like a regular old industrial zone in Cranford, NJ but inside was this:

Gina at Cloud 9

beautiful Cloud 9 fabrics!  Cloud 9 is an all-organic fabric manufacturer with an incredible ability to keep organic fabric both affordable and stunningly beautiful.  this is Gina (she made her dress, of course) discussing the business side of their operations.  at the bottom of the picture, on the table, are the latest gorgeous flannels from Rae and above that are the latest from Lisa Congdon.  don’t worry, I touched all of it, lovingly.

and, this is Michelle, (she made her shirt, of course) who also designs the fabric in addition to working with all the artists they work with.  she gave us sneak peeks into upcoming collections and shared the complete ins-and-outs of how they work with artists and what they are looking for.

meb at cloud 9

both Gina and Michelle were 100% transparent about where their textiles come from and what mills they use to print their fabric, what kinds of working conditions they look for when they choose a mill to work with.  their fabric is 100% organic cotton from India, uses low-impact dyes and workers, mostly in China, are treated to fair wages and good working conditions for their labor.  they kept saying “What is the point of calling it organic if it doesn’t meet all three of those criteria?”   for example, did you know that clothing, in a store, can be called organic if only 5% of the cotton in it is organic? Cloud 9 is not like that.

I will confess I walked in to Cloud 9 knowing that I “liked” their fabric but I walked out completed devoted to them.  I’m a full-blown groupie!  I was even lucky enough to get a chance to show them my new reversible hobo bag made with their geocentric canvas.  I’m not anxiously waiting for them to release koi by rashida colmean-hale so I can make a dress and I’m dreaming up projects (maybe even a quilt!) for a creative mint by leslie shredding.  needless to say, I came home ridiculously inspired.  and before I knew it my studio desk looked like this:

handprinting adventures

others from the guild have told me they came home and got started quilting like made or designing a quilt like a crazy woman…for me, the inspiration translated into a need to hand-carve some stamps and get printing.  so it was all bees and hot air balloons for me.  who knew?  and, wouldn’t you know it’s a rainy, wet day here and I have more supplies waiting for me…I think it’s a good time to get back to carving.

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