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Re-useum :: Backyard Art Camp Party

Re-useum :: Recycled art Fun for Kids

Oh my goodness, guys.  I have been waiting all week to share this with you and I’m just giddy with excitement.  Last Saturday morning we invited a few friends over and along with loads of cardboard and art supplies we turned our yard into a creation frenzy. It was our Re-useum party (Jane held her amazing reuseum party earlier to kickoff backyard art camp).  Here are the kids before we started.  Look at those cute faces!! (more…)

Backyard Art Camp :: Child-Led Art with Recycled Materials

Nurturing Creativity with Child-Led Art Projects

I am positively thrilled to announce the return of Backyard Art Camp!  Remember Backyard Art Camp from two years ago? The inimitable Jane from Buzzmills and I gathered together a group of bloggers who each created art projects for kids centering around famous artists.  It was SO MUCH FUN! And, we’ve been meaning to do it again.  As the dog days of summer approached we talked about it a little here and a little there. Finally Jane’s brilliant daughter came up with the idea of a Re-useum…that is an art gallery with art made of recycled materials! Genius!  So, in a kind of last minute, thrown-together way….I am happy to present Backyard Art Camp 2015, the Re-useum.  Along with Tara from Girl Like The Sea, Jane and I are spending this week showing off our projects, philosophies and all things recycled art projects for kids.  Be sure to check out Jane’s post from yesterday so you can bask in pure delight…she invited the whole neighborhood over and created a full-on recycled art gallery (a real RE-useum!)

Today, I’m talking about nurturing creativity with child-led art projects.  I feel a little bit silly discussing this, to be honest. I mean, it’s not like I am some expert on this stuff. (more…)

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