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Summer Showcase :: The Cleo Skirt from Made by Rae

I am over-the-moon excited to be a part of the Cleo Skirt Summer Showcase today. This simple skirt pattern from Made by Rae is certainly worthy of its own horn-tooting parade.  So much so, I had to make two skirts.Summer Showcase :: the Cleo Skirt from Made by Rae || Sewn by A Happy Stitch

The first is a swishy, fire-engine red floral rayon from the Rifle Paper and Cotton + Steel collaboration in view b. The second version is in a Loominious woven print from Anna Maria Horner in view a.   Both are pretty fabulous but with such different personalities.  It’s a bit of a study in fabric behavior.


The hack that is also a knock-off and still an original

Upcycled Rayon and Knit Anthro Knock-off Top

This is the pattern hack that tells a story.  The story is about how a small change here and small change there can give life to a whole new idea and build the confidence it takes to try out the totally crazy thing you’ve been thinking about doing all along.  As you know, I’ve been adapting/tweaking/altering the wonderful (and free!) Plantain Tee pattern from Deer and Doe. As I was working away, I had this little idea in my mind about trying to imitate a store-bought top in my closet.  Ok fine. It’s an Anthropologie shirt.

Upcycled Rayon and Knit Anthro Knock-off Top


A Washi Tunic in Anna Maria Horner Feathers

A washi at Tunic length in AMH feathers (made by a happy stitch)

Guys, I have completely neglected to tell you something big! I’m heading to Nashville.  Today. Ah!!! I’m so excited.  I’m going for the Modern Quilt Guild’s Sew Down Nashville.  It will be a weekend of sewing, amazing workshops and seeing friends.  Because I spend so much time teaching sewing, it’s such a treat to be a student.  I can’t wait.  I already know that I’m going to learn so much & come away full of refreshed enthusiasm.  I’m also a huge fan of the town.  Music pours out of every bar & I love that whole Southern vibe.  One of the best parts of the weekend is that conference goers all get to go to Anna Maria Horner’s house!! Ah! I know.  (Isn’t she insane for inviting so many people to her house?! I mean, I would never….) And, I bet you can guess what I’m going to wear to her house?  Yup. I know. So dorky but it had to happen.  I stitched up a Washi Tunic from Made by Rae out of her feathers fabric in a linen-cotton blend.

Washi Tunic in AMH linen --made by a happy stitch

I’m loving this tunic & not just for the novelty factor.  It’s comfy and fits well.  It’s short-sleeved because (ahem) it’s in the 70’s and 80’s in Nashville.  (Seriously, I packed flip flops because my toes might actually feel some sunshine.  It feels good just to say that.  Sun. Toes. Ahhh!! ) The Washi is just so adaptable, I love it as a dress but this tunic is a great top, too. The elastic at the back just makes it so comfortable without being sack-like.  I opted for a regular scoop neck, as you can see.

Washi Tunic in AMH feathers fabric (made by Melissa Q. of a happy stitch)A bunch of the lovely women in my quilt guild are going to be in Nashville this weekend & we collectively decided to wear something handmade on Saturday.  I’m going to wear my swan dress for that but couldn’t resist making this tunic as well.

It’s probably about right now that you are wondering why I’m going to a quilting weekend since I haven’t quilted in FOREVER.  It’s a good question for which I have no good answer.  I guess I just want to sew everything and in the long arc of my lifetime I hope to find time to do just that.  So, why not have a good time in Nashville.  Wish me some happy stitching luck!



A Butterfly Staple Dress

staple dress in AMH

One of the classes I am teaching soon (here) is The Staple Dress and so, of course, I had to make myself another one to display at the shop.  This time I used an Anna Maria Horner print and lined it up so the print runs beautifully right down the front of the dress.   staple dress with hemThe important details:  I sized this XS and I am by no means an XS girl, I just ain’t.  The dress is just so blousy and oversized that an XS fits me best so keep that in mind if you make this dress.  The fabric is stunning and soft and so beautiful, it’s a linen-cotton blend and it needed 8 lines of elastic shirring at the waist to properly gather.  I think the pattern recommends 3 to 4.  I finally made it with a hi-lo hem and I love it!  I’m not one to go for big drama with my clothing but this hem is really nice and adds just a bit more interest and dimension to the dress.

I still have mixed feelings about this pattern, overall.  I like this version the best of all of the times I’ve made the dress but it still feels like I’m working pretty hard to ensure I don’t end up with a sack.  This version is wearable and the dress comes together easily, which is very nice, but I’m still not nuts about it. On the other hand, with this nice print and it’s easy going style, I think I will wear it often enough.

Can you tell I’m not crazy about pictures of myself?  It’s just that some days I don’t really wanna shower or smile is all.  Ever been there?

selfish sewing pajama party

the lovely women over at imagine gnats and made with moxie have come up with a brilliant idea. a week of selfish sewing!  oh yes, we sew for our kids and for our home and for our neighbor and for our niece. well, rachael and jill decided…it’s time to sew selfishly.selfishsewing banner2

that means that all week long the internet will be exploding with indulgent sewing projects.  fantastic.

I’m sad to say I can’t exactly join in.  I’m so busy with  a re-design for the website (oh yes, this here website is going to be so pretty in just a short while!) and preparing for an upcoming craft fair…all of which means I’m not selfishly sewing at all.  but, it doesn’t mean I can’t play along!  my hope is to spend the week blogging about selfish sewing I’ve done recently.  It feels a little bit like I’m a twelve year old doing my homework while I watch my friends hopscotch out the window but I’m rolling with it.pajama party and what better place to start with than pajamas! I made these jam-jams a while back and now I live in them until around noon on most Saturdays.  well, actually the first two pair were made for my mom.  she wanted a nice lightweight pair so she picked out that lovely teal voile by Amy Butler.  it’s really heavenly to lounge around in silky voile I must say.  the pink pair is a regular quilting cotton, so a bit warmer.  the totally crazy purple pair are the ones for me.  the fabric is Anna Maria Horner’s moth fabric and I added a small trim at the bottom…some AMH voile I had in my stash.  for all of them I used the pajama pant pattern in the Heather Ross book “Weekend Sewing”.  it’s absolutely my go-to.

crazy purple pajamas

this pair for me was modified a little bit.  mostly, I just widened the hem and added the trim.  for every pair I put in a few buttonholes so I could string in twill tape.  the waist is still held up with elastic but I love the look of a drawstring on pajama pants.  makes them even more lounge-y.  I love the look on C’s face up there.  someday he will just come right out and ask me why I’m always taking weird pictures of myself.

are you selfishly sewing?  whatcha’ making?

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