Hand-Printing Series

This course is completely different from anything ever done at a happy stitch and it is going to be sooo good.  I’m having so much fun exploring hand-printing that I have to share the joy!


Each week of the course we will learn a new hand-printing technique from freezer paper stencils to carving rubber stamps to screen printing.  Everyone will be making their own prints for their own fabric.  The best part is that everyone can choose their best pieces to display for an art exhibit at Main Street Highland Park at the end of class!

Come and play along with me!  Let’s make our own hand-printed fabric.


supplies for this series are a wee bit complicated and so I will be compiling complete class kits for purchase.  otherwise, participants are responsible for bringing their own supplies (email me ahappystitch {at} gmail {dot} com for pricing and options on class kits).  

  • collection of postcards, notecards, magazine images or other simple images you like that inspire you
  • 1 yard white, natural or light-color cotton or linen fabric (this will be the fabric you are printing onto)
  • Speedball carving tool and carving block (like this)
  • 2 soft fabric paint containers (I used Tulip brand Matte in 1 oz. bottles and they have a great selection at Micheals)
  • 1 package freezer paper (you can get it at the grocery store)
  • 3 wooden embroidery hoops at least 10″ radius
  • PhotoEZ screen printing kit: includes felt board, plexiglass, squeegee, 2 sheets PhotoEZ, 2 write-ontransparencies and instructions (can be found here)
  • 2 additional write-on transparencies
  • 1 Deco Color Opaque Paint Marker (broad for thicker lines or thin for more detailed drawings depending on your preference)

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