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Baby Blanket Teddy Bear

Baby Blanket Teddy Bear

My oldest son, C,  turned eight a few weeks ago and it was surprisingly emotional for me.  Well, ok, I got emotional after the dust cleared.  I do not mean that figuratively; there was dust everywhere because having twelve kids play soccer and run wild in our backyard kicked up an insane amount of dust. But, by the time the party balloons were sagging and the house was strewn with bits of colorful wrapping paper and squashed juice boxes I got emotional.  Eight.  It’s so big.  It’s so definitively big.  It seems to have marked a moment for me when I stopped and noticed that his babyhood, the babyhood that introduced me to motherhood, was receding into the background.  Without a doubt.  I can only see it faintly in the distance and much as I am thrilled about the person he is growing up to be it’s hard to see it go.

One of my gifts to him was this baby blanket teddy bear.  Admittedly, he’s too old for teddies.  I mean, he still sleeps with his very special teddy bear but he doesn’t ask for new ones.  It’s all beyblades, legos and Pokemon cards.  I made the bear anyway and I made his patches out of one of his baby blanket.  This baby blanket teddy bear was made to commemorate the moment, more than anything.

Baby Blanket Teddy Bear

When I made the baby blanket polar bears for J, I knew that I would need to make one for C as well.  (And yes, they both had baby blankets with the same color and pattern! One in fleece, one in flannel.  Cute, huh?!)  The pattern for this bear is called Tagalong Teddy and it’s from the Betz White book Present Perfect but is also available for free (!) on Sew Mama Sew.  It was really easy to make, as is usually the case with Betz’s patterns, the instructions are clear and straightforward.  I also got to practice my embroidery…more practice than I wanted since I did a backward blanket stitch and had to REDO all of it.  Rookie mistake on my part.  Ugh. The white fabric is a soft, velour-like fabric that is super snuggly.

Baby Blanket Teddy Bear

Perfect for a little bit of snuggling from this boy.  He’s so sweet, this eight year old of mine.  He’s private and camera shy and the most amazing big brother.  I keep telling him he would make a great teacher, he can be heartbreakingly helpful.  He’s also ridiculously funny, stoic and easily hurt and so thoughtfully aware of the world around him.  More and more I’m aware that those stories are now his and not mine to tell.

I do think that he likes his new bear.

Baby Blanket Teddy Bear

Baby Blanket Teddy Bear

Baby Blanket Teddy Bear

Do see it? That tiny glimpse of babyhood?  It’s just barely there but I think I saw some. *sniff*

I’m also sharing another project on Betz’s blog today, be sure to check out my forest friends finger puppets! 

Betz White Sewing Collective :: Baby Blanket Polar Bears

Polar Bears made a Baby Blanket for the belly and ears! The perfect way to transform a special blanket into a special toy!  a happy stitch

Ever since I started blogging I’ve admired Betz White so I was over-the-moon when she asked me to be a part of her sewing collective this year (For real. Pinch me!).  My first project was making these polar bear stuffed animals. The details are all on Betz’s blog but what makes these guys super-extra-special is that I used baby blankets for the bellies and ears! Don’t miss the full post with more info on the Flurry and Fluffy pattern and the changes I made.

Polar Bears made a Baby Blanket for the belly and ears! The perfect way to transform a special blanket into a special toy! | a happy stitch

Disclosure: I was paid and given a free pattern but my opinions are always my own.

sew fab pattern sale – sweet baby doll with a blankie and carrier

baby doll in carrier with mattress and blanket

It’s Sew Fab Pattern Sale week!  This is the mother of the pdf pattern bundle sales (19 patterns and one freebie!) and it’s the original.  I had the great chance to make a few things from this bundle.  First up, I made this cute little baby doll complete with a blankie and a carrier. The rest of what I made will be up tomorrow.

Oh, I had so much fun making this sweet little baby doll.  I have a little friend who is about to become a big brother and I’ve been wanting to make him his own baby.  We bought C a doll around the time J was born and even though he mostly body-slammed it (gotta love 2-year-olds!) he did appreciate having a baby to care for of his own. So, I was so excited when I got the chance to use this pattern.

baby doll in carrier-pattern from patchwork posse

The pattern is from Patchwork Posse and it comes with the doll, a mattress, the carrier and a blanket.  I modified a few things here and there but most prominently I didn’t embroidery the facial features as it calls for in the pattern, I actually drew them with a fabric marker and used blush (real-life makeup type of blush) to make pink cheeks.  I’m not that talented at embroidery so I got freaked out that I was going to ruin the doll if I tried. Turns out, I really like how the drawn face looks.  So sweet and sleepy. Don’t you think?  Plus, it took me all of two minutes! So easy!

baby doll in carrier pattern by patchwork posse-sewn by a happy stitch

The doll, mattress and doll carrier fabric is a Sarah Jane fabric I’ve been hoarding and the geometric print is Denyse Schmidt, I think, from Jo-Ann.  I was aiming for a boy-friendly look without getting super in-your-face about it. I wanted to keep it sweet.  The blankie is made with the same Denyse Schmidt and a super soft red stripe woven fabric I got at a fantastic yard sale.  I also used an amazing 100% organic flannel for parts of the bed carrier. I also opted for some of my scrumptious twill tape in place of using fabric to make the carrier straps.

baby doll with carrier and blanket-pattern from Patchwork Posse sewn by a happy stitch

The pattern also includes the option of adding hair (using yarn) but I like the bald baby idea & I love how all of these elements came together.  I don’t get to make many super sweet things like this so I really enjoyed making this and admiring it after the fact.  The pattern itself provides lots of opportunities to mix and match.  It could be loud and crazy with lots of different fabric choices or gentle and sweet. I find that kind of flexibility means I make something more than once.  I like that. I’m sure I will make more of these for other little people in my world.

sweet baby doll in carrier with blanket _Sew Fab Pattern Sale_ Made by a happy stitch

It all comes together pretty easily.  The pattern doesn’t always indicate the seam allowance (I used my standard 3/8″) so I’d say it’s aimed at sewists with some experience but it isn’t complicated. In fact, the most annoying part of pdf patterns, which is, of course, the piecing together of the pattern bit by bit (ugh!!) is eliminated for this pattern because everything is either cut in a square or fits on one sheet of paper.  Simple!

Baby Doll in Carrier_Sew Fab Pattern Sale made by a happy stitch

As I mentioned, this pattern is part of the Sew Fab Pattern sale (affiliate link), which is a whole bundle of patterns on sale just until May 13th and at a super discount.  It’s a pretty great deal considering each pattern comes to a little over a dollar each.  I was delighted to be given a few of the patterns to sew with, but all the options look amazing.  To top it off, there is a good mix of patterns…a little bit of kid clothing, a few softies, some women’s clothing, fun bags.  It’s like a great starter kit for new sewists but it would expand anyone’s collection.  The best part of it being all pdf patterns is you only print what you are going to use, no waste!

Just as a funny aside, I finished the doll one evening while the boys were sleeping and the next morning I told J, “Hey, I made a baby last night, do you wanna see it?”  He marches after me and when he saw the baby doll he said, “Aw man! That’s not a real one!”  Ha! I guess I should have chosen my words more carefully but seriously, is that how he thinks it works!! Yowzers.

Here’s a little more official information about the sale:
You can purchase the Sew Fab Spring Pattern Bundle for $29.95 this week only! The sale ends on May 13th, and once it’s over, it’s over. You can support independent pattern designers by purchasing the bundle from any of the designers below.

Sew Fab Spring 2014 collage

(Designers in order from Top left to right) Greenstyle Creations, Handmade Therapy, MODKID, Everything Your Mama Made, The Scientific Seamstress, Figgy’s Patterns, Two Sweets Patterns, Things for Boys, Patchwork Posse, Betz White, LBG Studio, Mouse House Creations, Gingercake, Heidi & Finn, Sumo’s Sweet Stuff, Terra’s Treasures, Paisley Roots, Molly Blossom Designs, Sewing Mama RaeAnna. Sale sponsored by The Southern Institute.

To follow the whole tour of bloggers participating in Sew Fab, check out all of these amazing folks:

Pattern Tour


meet pepper!

there is really no telling, of the things I make, what is going to be a hit with the boys.  they love their t-shirts and quilts but the bucket hats…meh.

that is why I am so happy to introduce pepper the penguin, a much beloved new member of the family.
Pepper the Penquin

I find pepper tucked under a blanket in the playroom and I find pepper at the bottom of a pile of stuffed animals.  it’s a good sign.  pepper is in the mix and having quite a few secret adventures.
pepper plays

this is the first true-blue stuffed animal I have made and I have to say it’s really exciting to make a stuffed animal and have it look, well, like a real stuffed animal!  the pattern is from abby glassenberg design and I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for this pattern.

    pepper attaches

the good news is the complete pattern was released today and it’s an exciting 2-in-1 pattern with pepper in fabric or crochet.  abby obviously knows her stuff when it comes to making softies and her patterns prove it…this one was clear and thorough even in draft form.  now, I am tempted to make a shark and shake things up for old pepper, just kidding…I am only tempted, that’s all.

pepper was actually such a hit that C wanted one too.  he has very specific ideas about how his penguin needed to dress.  I had to take notes, he insisted.  it turned out very, ahem, colorful.  they are pretty good friends these two, pepper and pepper.
pepper gets a friend

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