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Look at You, 2016.

Look At You 2016! Handmade Clothing of 2016 by A Happy Stitch

Happy New Year everybody! The book is officially closed on 2016 and personally, I was getting worried that damn door was never gonna shut. I know there are battles ahead in 2017 but it feels refreshing to be on the other side.  I’m feeling optimistic and ready. Our family had a lovely, restorative winter break complete with waterpark adventures, puzzles, family time and so many games! (Friends with elementary-aged children, do yourself a favor and pick up the game Catan Junior.* It’s such a fun game for everyone!)

Looking back on 2016, I feel proud.  Guys, I did it. I stuck to my continuing goal of buying no new clothing for a second year. That is two straight years of only making or buying secondhand clothes. My Nothing New Project is going strong with no end in sight.  And, honestly, this has become a bigger focus of my attention that I will be talking about a lot more this year. (more…)

My project for Mollie Makes magazine

I have been bursting with a secret for about a month now but haven’t been able to say anything. So here it is: I have a project in the most recent Mollie Makes magazine! Issue 58 to be specific.  Well, sort of.  It is an exclusive project, meaning it’s included as an insert, a special gift to subscribers.  But, I’m not one to split hairs especially when it comes to something as exciting as this.

A Happy Stitch in Mollie Makes Magazine

(Look! It’s me!) This is the cover of the insert. I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Mollie Makes and just adore this magazine. It’s so good at mixing old crafts like sewing and crochet with a modern aesthetic and pretty much everyone I admire has been featured there (along with new friends I meet all the time).


The Great Pattern Hack Wrap Up {and Challenge}

The Great Pattern Hack
The Great Pattern Hack Wrap up

What a wonderful past two weeks.  I’m sort of heartbroken that The Great Pattern Hack has come to an end but so thrilled with all that came out of it. Look at all these amazing pattern hacks! I’m mean, really.  It is incredible.

The Great Pattern Hack Wrap up So many ideas for how to tweak a pattern came out of this series, it blows my mind! Of course, the pattern hacking was the whole point but the artistry of everything is also positively stunning.
The Great Pattern Hack Wrap up

This, my friends is why we sew.  Because making beautiful things that fit into our vision, our style and our lifestyle isn’t something you buy off the shelf. It’s something that means so much more when it is shaped with our hands.  I’m still a little stunned that I was able to co-host this series with Michael Miller Fabrics.  I feel so grateful to them for running with this idea in such a big way.  I feel so incredible lucky and so indebted to all of the amazing bloggers who pattern hacked their way to a seriously impressive collection!  Not to mention the pattern designers who generously gave us use of their patterns!

The Great Pattern Hack Wrap Up 2

Along those lines, here is everything from the top, left to right:  Kait turned an Anna Blouse into a dress; Jess transformed BurdaStyle shorts into a skort and made a tiger sundress from a Simple Simon & co pattern; Jane served up a patriotic trio and shortened a Burdastyle jumpsuit, turned the Josephine dress into a romper, and a Charlie tunic into a tank; and I tweaked a Marigold Dress into a top and mashed it with an Alder Skirt for a Dress.  Rachael added a double-hem to the LOL Swing Top and Tamara widened the legs on a Burdastyle romper.  Celina re-styled the Twisted Trousers; Sanae transformed the Southport Dress into a strappy top and romper; Delia added a button closure to a Sunki Dress; and Erin turned a Senna Tote into a laptop carrier. Betsey took the sleeves off a Gathered Top and Tunic ; Laura turned a Portside Duffle into the perfect hospital bag; Kristin added pockets to the Antalya dress; and Celina romper-ized the Sunki Dress.

Whew!  It’s a lot of goodness.  And, everyone of these stunning creations was made in the spirit of “Hmm..I wonder what happens if I try this.”  You’ve already heard me pontificate on the virtue of the hack.  I think the experimentation, the trial and error, the creativity…it might seem small but it’s a bold move and it fuels the fire.  It feeds the desire to make things!

Now that I said all that, I’m turning the tables and making it YOUR TURN! Michael Miller has launched an exciting Great Pattern Hack Challenge!

The Great Pattern Hack Challenge

Honestly.  I think you should stop what you are doing right now and enter this challenge.  The details are all up on the Michael Miller blog, Making It Fun.   I don’t want to give away too much but there is a boatload of fabric and patterns up for grabs….AND A SEWING MACHINE!  I KNOW! It’s wild.  And, I’m not going to promise anything but I have incredibly good luck when it comes to winning sewing machines (I’ve won every time I’ve entered to win them.  For real. It’s a little weird.).  So, head over, investigate, sew and WIN! I’m hoping some of my good luck will rub off.

The Great Pattern Hack Challenge Great Pattern Hack Challenge


The Great Pattern Hack :: Erin from Sewbon

The Great Pattern Hack  Erin from Sewbon

It’s the second to last day of The Great Pattern Hack! I can hardly believe it.  So many fun hacks! Today’s pattern hack is no different. Oh yes, the amazingness keeps on coming!

The lovely and talented Erin from Sewbon has hacked the Senna Tote from Willow & Co using fabric from the luxurious Indigo collection and transformed it into a laptop-friendly tote perfect for brightening up her work shlep.  Pretty genius that Erin is, right? She includes wonderfully detailed instructions for how to make your own padded Senna Tote so be sure to pop over and check out the whole tutorial!


Are you a pattern hacker!?!
I’m getting sad that we are nearing the end of The Great Pattern Hack.  Have you seen the Pinterest board with all the hacks? It’s fantastic!

Are you pattern hacking?  Following along? Join us!  Grab some Michael Miller fabric and show off what you made so you can play too!  Hack a pattern and share your creation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Make sure to tag your photos so we can find you– @michaelmillerfabrics and @ahappystitch and use the hashtags #GreatPatternHack #MichaelMillerFabrics #AHappyStitch.

Even though the blog tour is nearing an end, the fun is not! Tomorrow, Delia will show us what she made! Plus, there will be even more exciting giveaways coming soon—fabric and patterns! Be sure to check back! You won’t want to miss it *wink*.

The Great Pattern Hack team:
Monday 6/29 :: kick off with Jess Abbott from The Sewing Rabbit
Tuesday 6/30  :: Kait Witte from Making it Fun (Michael Miller Fabrics)
Wednesday 7/1  :: Flash Giveaway Day!
Thursday 7/2  :: Jane Kohlstein from Buzzmills
Friday 7/3  :: Me!  A Happy Stitch
Monday 7/6  ::  Rachael Gander at Imagine Gnats
Tuesday 7/7  :: Tamara Serrao at Kaya Joy
Wednesday 7/8  :: Betsy Blodgett from Indygo Junction
Thursday 7/9  :: Laura Titchner from Craftstorming
Friday 7/10  :: Kristin Timm from Skirt As Top
Saturday 7/11  :: Celina Bailey at Petit A Petit and Family
Monday 7/13  :: Celina Bailey at Petit A Petit and Family
Tuesday 7/14  :: Sanae from Sanae Ishida
Wednesday 7/15  :: Erin Sundet at Sewbon
Thursday 7/16 ::  Delia Randall from Delia Creates

Friday 7/17 :: Wrap up {and Surprise Giveaway!}

The Great Pattern Hack :: Laura From Craftstorming

Great Pattern Hack - Craftstorming

The amazing Laura is sharing her fantastic bag with us today on The Great Pattern Hack! Laura is the powerful force behind both the blog Craftstorming and an indy pattern maker extraordinaire with her line of patterns, Titchy Threads.  She’s also a very pregnant mama right now. For her hack, she added a gazillion pockets to a Portside Travel Bag by Grainline Studio in a gorgeous mix of Indigo and Seedlings fabric and she is going to use it as her hospital bag.  Isn’t that great! What hospital bag doesn’t need more pockets, right? I mean, there is all that stuff you need!

This is one of my favorite things about pattern hacking! It’s all about the ability to customize to your exact needs.  Be sure to check out her blog post to read all about those awesome pockets and a bonus pic of her baby bump! Good luck with the road ahead Laura!
Are you a pattern hacker!?!
I’m loving all of the amazingness packed into The Great Pattern Hack and I hope you are too! Are you pattern hacking yourself?  Following along? Well, dive in!  Grab some Michael Miller fabric and show off what you made so you can play too!  Hack a pattern and share your creation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Make sure to tag your photos so we can find you– @michaelmillerfabrics and @ahappystitch and use the hashtags #GreatPatternHack #MichaelMillerFabrics #AHappyStitch.

It’s been so fun to see your creations so far! Keep ’em coming. There will be even more giveaways throughout the hop—fabric and patterns!

The Great Pattern Hack team:
Monday 6/29 :: kick off with Jess Abbott from The Sewing Rabbit
Tuesday 6/30  :: Kait Witte from Making it Fun (Michael Miller Fabrics)
Wednesday 7/1  :: Flash Giveaway Day!
Thursday 7/2  :: Jane Kohlstein from Buzzmills
Friday 7/3  :: Me!  A Happy Stitch
Monday 7/6  ::  Rachael Gander at Imagine Gnats
Tuesday 7/7  :: Tamara Serrao at Kaya Joy
Wednesday 7/8  :: Betsy Blodgett from Indygo Junction
Thursday 7/9  :: Laura Titchner from Craftstorming
Friday 7/10  :: Kristin Timm from Skirt As Top
Saturday 7/11  :: Jessica and Ericka at Violette Threads
Monday 7/13  :: Celina Bailey at Petit A Petit and Family
Tuesday 7/14  :: Sanae from Sanae Ishida
Wednesday 7/15  :: Erin Sundet at Sewbon
Thursday 7/16 ::  Delia Randall from Delia Creates

Friday 7/17 :: Wrap up and Surprise Giveaway!!!

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