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happy spring

happy first day of spring!  it’s sunny and 70 degrees here making it difficult to contain any springtime enthusiasm. and why? who would want to do that! it’s amazing outside.  our house is literally abuzz with news that today is the first day of spring.  one of the many advantages of their montessori school is a focus on seasons.  our oldest, C, is especially informed…witness his spring bud, rain and sunflower!


for the first time, we are getting serious about growing vegetables and have pulled together a raised bed for planting.  C is ridiculously excited about the project…he’s never more at ease with himself than when he is outside. so we’ve been spending as much time as possible outside.  he and I are working on some seedlings that need indoor time before heading outside (though with the crazy weather we might be a bit behind?)

our youngest, who lately has a guitar in hand more often than not, strummed to the seeds.  and not just a little bit.  for nearly an hour, he walked around the yard singing and strumming.

the seedlings are growing quite well so perhaps both music and adoration are necessary to the process.  who is to say?

and, to my great delight I recently bought a stackful of linens from a friend who is moving and look what was hidden in the midst of lots of napkins and beautiful table runners.   stunning ‘seed packet’ fabric! so, happy spring indeed!

hope you are enjoying the start of the season, too!

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