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Wiksten Origami Tank

Wiksten Tank | a happy stitch

Springtime is really messing with my head.  One day it’s warm and sunny so I dig out my flip flops just in time for a batch of cold, rainy weather that makes me want to sit by the fire.  Ah! So schizophrenic! It makes my Me Made May mission more difficult, too, since I have more warm weather handmade clothes in my closet and fewer that work when it is cold.  When that warm sun does decide to come back around you had better believe I’m going to toss on this Wiksten Origami tank. (more…)

What Kid’s Clothes Week Means to Me

I feel that right now is a bit of a transition point for a lot of the sewing/blogging/DIY world.  For me that change-point is partially marked by the recent announcement that Meg and Dorie, the hard-working mamas behind Kid’s Clothes Week are moving on.  Of course, the super talented Julie from Our Chez Nous is taking over and that is indeed wonderful news! A whole new phase for the phenomenon that is KCW.  In honor of this change they asked many long-time participants, such as myself, to reflect back on what KCW means to me. Be sure to check out my post over on their site (as well as the beautiful thoughts put down by Kristin and Maartje).

Kid's Clothes Week and Me

In looking back on KCW, I realized that I started participating in KCW in 2011.  That’s five years ago! I have learned so much since then and well, thinking back over all of it got me a little emotional.  This sewing/crafting/DIY world is such a good place with such good people.  My real-life Facebook feed is full of vitriol and disagreements but my sewing groups are full of “Wow! Great job!”, “You look amazing in that!”, “Impressive skills.” and dozens more like that.  KCW has often been at the center of that happy world for me.  I get more into it in my post on the KCW blog.

Kid's Clothes Week Memories a happy stitch

The long and short of it is this, KCW is a place of joy and camaraderie; acceptance and understanding.  Can’t wait to see where it all goes from here. Read more of my thoughts here. Yay for KCW and their new leader Julie!

BTW, the next KCW is coming up! May 23-29th and the theme is…The Future! Isn’t that perfect?!

Cupcake Party for Betz White!

Cupcake Celebration | a happy stitch

Did you know that the amazing Betz White has been blogging for 10 years?! Amazing, isn’t it!  She launched herself into the sewing/crafting world with her iconic cupcake decoration made out of felted, re-purposed sweaters from the thrift store ten whole years ago.  I’ve been so lucky to get to know her in that time and it’s been such fun to be a part of her sewing collective this past year.  So, I was really excited when she asked me to help her celebrate the anniversary and I decided to throw her a cupcake party of the real variety (no felt in these bad boys!).

Cool Whip Icing | Cupcake CelebrationBetz is the queen of the repurposed DIY world and she deserves serious accolades.  Now, I’m not much of a baker nor do I have the disposition for fussy recipes but I do have a secret up my sleeve and that is a family recipe for the most scrumptious icing of all time!  As a bonus it only take three minutes to make it. Do check it out on her blog.  Warning: It’s a little naughty!  While you are visiting her, make sure and congratulate her.

Esme Top in Nani Iro fabric

Esme Boatneck Top | a happy stitch

I’m a complete sucker for a good sewing book.  I like the feel of books, the heft and the promise of lots and lots of projects.  So, I was really excited to see that Lotta Jansdotter’s latest, Everyday Style* was at my local bookstore. I love Lotta’s fabric and her organic, fresh fabric prints and the book is as inventive and stunning as she is. (more…)

Craftcation : Overview of a Creative Person’s Business Conference


A few weeks ago I attended Craftcation, a business and makers conference in Ventura, California.  I try to attend a creative retreat of some kind most years, mostly to nurture my creative juices and to connect with other makers. I honestly don’t expect too much beyond the ability to get away and come home revived. Craftcation, however, completely exceeded my expectations.  Honestly, it has left me on fire! I’m already planning to attend again next year. (more…)

Handmade Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution | a happy stitch

Happy Earth Day everybody! This week is Handmade Fashion Revolution Week hosted by Celina at Petit a Petit and Family. It’s the hand-makers response to the Fashion Revolution Organization, which was started to commemorate the terrible garment factory collapse in Bangladesh three years ago this week.

Bangladesh has one of the lowest wages in the world for its garment makers and over a thousand of these workers died, nearly all women, in one day.  Around 2,500 workers were injured.  Just to repeat, in one day, doing work for some of the lowest wages in the entire world, 1,134 people died. Thousands of families changed forever.  Bangladesh makes a lot of our t-shirts and if you have ever had a t-shirt flung at you through a t-shirt gun at a sporting event, you already know just how much care we take of their work. If you have seen any images from this tragedy, you know that it’s impossible to forget them. The ecological damage and human danger of fast fashion is something that is often on my mind.  It’s a world so removed and so unseen that we are hardly to blame for forgetting it even exists.  (more…)

Sewing Happiness :: Book Review and Giveaway!

It is no secret that I love Sanae Ishida.  Her elegant style, thoughtful prose and intense awareness are a constant source of inspiration for me.  She is the kind of blogger that I visit in order to “draw from the well”, so to speak.  So it is not an understatement to say that I am quite literally thrilled to be a part of the book launch tour for her new book Sewing Happiness*.  (P.S. feel free to scroll to the bottom for giveaway information, there is no shame in that game!)


[Photo by Michelle Porter]

This book is more than a collection of projects.  It’s the story of Sanae’s path back to health after a debilitating disease and work exhaustion and the role that sewing played in re-finding her balance and happiness.  She honestly stitched her way back to health.  The book is an open, honest, raw and vulnerable conversation about how making things can heal us. (more…)

Sailor (Top) Dress

Sailor Top Dress | a-happy-stitch

Apparently, I have a theme.  Well, besides the ever-present theme of “Look! I turned a top into a tunic/dress!”  Ok I have two themes.  The one you don’t know about yet is this: Project Sew It encourages me to tackle those ideas that I’ve been thinking about for a long time and haven’t gotten to either due to fear or fear of how time-consuming a project might be.  So, basically just fear. Ha!  Last month I finally made a Minoru Jacket and for my March project I hacked the Sailor Top pattern to transform it into this here Sailor (Top) Dress.  Really, it’s a tunic, I suppose. But it is long enough to wear without leggings and, in my mind, that makes it a dress. (more…)

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