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Sorbetto Sundress :: 30 Days of Sundresses

Sundress_Sorbetto Top into a Dress | a happy stitch

It’s around this time of year that I lose all tolerance for annoying things like jeans or tight-fitting dresses. I want to either be wearing grub-wear in the garden or a dress I can throw on over a swimsuit. I also have pretty nit-picky criteria for sundresses…they should be so easy and comfortable you can wear them all day in the sun and also feel free to stop in at the ice cream shop or indulge in a boardwalk funnel cake without shame/discomfort.  You should be able to sweat freely, no pools of sweat that collect at a tight waistband.  They should allow enough length for sitting but not so much that the breeze can’t dry any sweat behind the knees. They should never, ever involve anything that even stands a chance of scraping or itching such as a zipper.  Save all that other stuff for the fancy dresses!   I’m a delicate flower in the hot sun of summer and my tolerance for irritation plummets to all time lows.  I really don’t think I’m the only one.  Let’s be honest, summer days meander with uncertainty and a sundress should be ready for all of it. (more…)

Boredom Busters Kit :: Making Summer Rad

Boredom Buster Kit_color the rainbow_a happy stitch

Every summer I make the same mistake.  I think to myself, “I don’t need any help or planned activities for the kids this summer! School is so structured and scripted, they need summertime freedom! They need a chance to get bored and make something up!” And then the boys spend the first few weeks of summer begging me to watch TV or play games on the computer.  Eventually I cave and they end up watchings screens way more than I would like. Or I spend my evenings scrolling Pinterest and then scrambling to find random supplies so they have an activity to draw them away from those magnetic and brain-draining screens.

Well, I’m not repeating that mistake this summer! I teamed up with Andrea from Andrea’s Notebook and nearly a dozen other talented bloggers to create a Boredom Busters Kit. The kit includes 10 different projects and bonus printables like a calendar and coloring page.  Each project just needs to be printed out and it’s ready to go. (more…)

Together…a mini (thought) quilt

Umbrella Prints Trimming - Together Quilt | a happy stitch

I have got this funny little fear of quilting.  Really, I break into a sweat standing next to an un-quilted quilt top. I like making the quilt top but it’s the whole putting it all together that makes me a basket case.  The actual quilting.  It seems an extra cruel final step, the quilting.  You work so hard on a quilt top and then every. single. thing. can mess up when you go to quilt it!  Ah, the pressure is insane.  I’d so much rather make a complicated jacket.

The problem is, I really, really want to make quilts.  Specifically mini quilts.  I love that a mini quilt can explore an idea or an aesthetic in a way that is creatively energizing far beyond garment sewing.  At the beginning of the year, I quietly decided I would make mini quilts.  Just for fun, as little breaks for myself. But, I haven’t followed through on that..until now.   (more…)

Write A Book :: Mini Makers Summer Fun Series

Write A Book! Mini Make's Summer Fun Series |a happy stitch

When my friend Carla from Small + Friendly asked me to join her Mini Maker’s Summer Fun series, she described it as ‘simple projects to combat the inevitable “I’m bored” syndrome’.  I jumped on board and immediately started to think of really elaborate projects that required lots of adult assistance. Yep.  Somehow missing the simple message.  And also forgetting parents want things kids can do on their own, for hours at a time.  After running through lots of very-involved ideas (ooh, what about…dried glue and tie-dye on a t-shirt! Or, windsocks made out of fabric scraps, paint and toilet rolls!).  I decided to run some of these ideas by C, who happened to be sitting happily on the porch writing a book. He looked up when I asked him, “what kind of activity do you think other kids like you want to do so they don’t get bored?” and before I could regale him with my ideas he said, “write books!”  It was so obvious and simple and easy and perfect!  So, this post is brought to you by my ever-astoundingly clever son.  Here is how to write your own story, provide hours of quiet fun, nurture creativity, build writing skills, drawing skills, and inspire a life-long love of books…all without any parent involvement! Can I get a Woot Woot!? (more…)

Project Sew it :: Adelia Dress

Project Sew It :: Adelia Dress | a happy stitch

Technically, Celina Bailey’s lovely effort, Project Sew It, involves one sewing project a month but I checked with the sewing goddesses and they have allowed me a little pass for missing March.  In that way, this Adelia Dress counts for both my May and April sewing.  But friends, I do not call lightly on the sewing goddesses, it’s just that this dress deserves it.  I am really excited about it because I drafted the pattern myself. (more…)

Quilt Market Samples for Cloud 9 Fabrics

Cloud 9 Knits

I am not at Quilt Market but it’s roaring along right now in Salt Lake City and shots from this massive quilting fabric market are clogging my IG feed.  I have such mixed feelings about Quilt Market, part of me would love to attend but the smart part of me realizes that I would hate it.  Big crowds, tons of things to see.  It’s the worst kind of sensory overload for an introvert of my stripe. Either way, I get really jealous of everyone attending every time it comes around.   I am consoled by the fact that I usually have some of my stitches in attendance.  The lovely people at Cloud 9 Fabric have their office about a half an hour from my house and I’m so honored that they frequently hire me to sew samples for them. (more…)

Wiksten Origami Tank

Wiksten Tank | a happy stitch

Springtime is really messing with my head.  One day it’s warm and sunny so I dig out my flip flops just in time for a batch of cold, rainy weather that makes me want to sit by the fire.  Ah! So schizophrenic! It makes my Me Made May mission more difficult, too, since I have more warm weather handmade clothes in my closet and fewer that work when it is cold.  When that warm sun does decide to come back around you had better believe I’m going to toss on this Wiksten Origami tank. (more…)

What Kid’s Clothes Week Means to Me

I feel that right now is a bit of a transition point for a lot of the sewing/blogging/DIY world.  For me that change-point is partially marked by the recent announcement that Meg and Dorie, the hard-working mamas behind Kid’s Clothes Week are moving on.  Of course, the super talented Julie from Our Chez Nous is taking over and that is indeed wonderful news! A whole new phase for the phenomenon that is KCW.  In honor of this change they asked many long-time participants, such as myself, to reflect back on what KCW means to me. Be sure to check out my post over on their site (as well as the beautiful thoughts put down by Kristin and Maartje).

Kid's Clothes Week and Me

In looking back on KCW, I realized that I started participating in KCW in 2011.  That’s five years ago! I have learned so much since then and well, thinking back over all of it got me a little emotional.  This sewing/crafting/DIY world is such a good place with such good people.  My real-life Facebook feed is full of vitriol and disagreements but my sewing groups are full of “Wow! Great job!”, “You look amazing in that!”, “Impressive skills.” and dozens more like that.  KCW has often been at the center of that happy world for me.  I get more into it in my post on the KCW blog.

Kid's Clothes Week Memories a happy stitch

The long and short of it is this, KCW is a place of joy and camaraderie; acceptance and understanding.  Can’t wait to see where it all goes from here. Read more of my thoughts here. Yay for KCW and their new leader Julie!

BTW, the next KCW is coming up! May 23-29th and the theme is…The Future! Isn’t that perfect?!

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