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backyard ART camp :: pollack-inspired art project from small + friendly

welcome today to week SIX of Backyard ART Camp!
BAC button 2-1what an amazingly creative summer it has been so far!  right?  each week Jane and I are so impressed by the beauty of each blogger’s Backyard ART Camp projects and feel more and more inspired.

to kickoff week six, we welcome the lovely and amazing Carla of  small + friendly.  Carla is sharing a very fun (and a little bit messy) Jackson Pollack inspired project that I am sure your kids are going to love to try.  and, you won’t mind the mess either! promise. check it out over here.

Backyard art inspired by Jackson Pollock

Carla is one of those bubbly and effervescent personalities that is always wonderful to stumble upon in the world of blogs.  she is a self described modern homemaker, and indeed lives up to the title.  She sews up super stylish duds for her little boy…

6a0133ec490e97970b01901bab599a970b-800wishe knows how to knit, which is something that makes me and Jane both super jealous!  she’s got so many cute, clever and creative tutorials on her blog including super adorable chick lacing cards (with pics of her own baby chicks!) and a no sew crayon wrap
Carla tutorials

speaking of chicks…this past spring she released her first pattern!  called ball buddies, they come as either a bunny or a chick and are so cute!  when she’s not sewing you can find her in the kitchen whipping up some yummy food, like homemade bread or likely, with the late summer season, a few zucchini recipes!

Carla is also a genius at transforming kid friendly art projects featuring her sons artwork into stunning gifts to give. these include heart mother’s day cardstoddler art dishware, and toddler art tees.  amazing, aren’t they?  be sure to peek in on the fantastic crafting space she created for her son Jude, it’s no wonder all of the fun stuff that he has created!
Carla art collage

we are thrilled to have Carla share her Backyard ART Camp project with us today, stop by to check it out!

have you been creating with your kids too?  don’t forget to share with us,
we love to see what you’ve been making! use the hashtag #backyardartcamp if you share elsewhere, too. be sure to follow our Pinterest board where we are gathering all the projects in one place.

want to see what everyone has been making so far this summer? it’s quite a delightful list:

stay tuned!  still to come are projects from these fantastic bloggers. (yes, indeed, there is still more summer left!):

backyard art camp :: gaudi-inspired murals with mon petit lyons

BAC button 2-1
hello again!  today brings our second backyard ART camp project of the week.  and it’s a delight!

We are joined, today, by Courtney of Mon Petit Lyons, she and her boys are making mosaics inspired by the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi. be sure to check it out
Bac2Courtney first caught my eye during one of the Kids Clothes Week challenges where she made awesome things for her boys!  Courtney is one of those multi-talented crafters who can whip up stylish and adorable clothes for her big boys, and her little baby boy, fabric baskets, bags and even amazing quilts.  even a quilt made of Japanese handkerchiefs!


aside from all of that, she is also such an amazing hands-on mama.  she’s been holding mama pajama school for her boys over the summer and recently started a World tour where they explore different parts of the world through food, art, books and more.  it looks like a wonderful way to teach kids about new places.  she’s also filled with loads of fun art ideas to do with her boys.

Art projects

thank you so much for joining us today Courtney!  be sure to  stop by to see her mosaic Backyard ART Camp project, it’s so bright and cheerful!

Have you been creating at home too? Don’t forget to share with us, we love to see the inspiration keep moving forward! Use the hashtag  #backyardartcamp if you share elsewhere, too. Don’t forget to follow along with us on our Pinterest board where we are gathering all the projects in one place.

Here is everything we have done already, it’s quite an inspiring list:

stay tuned! still to come are projects from these fantastic bloggers. (yes, indeed, there is still more summer left!):


backyard art camp :: river rock art inspired by geninne zlatkis from gypsy forest

backyard art camp 2013

it’s hard to believe but it is already week 5 of backyard art camp!  I know that Jane and I have been having such a good time watching each project unfold and marveling at how amazing the projects are collectively.  every single blogger involved has worked so hard to create original art projects for kids inspired by such a great variety of artists…some new and some tried and true.

today’s project is no different and is, in fact, another project inspired by the simple beauty and shape of rocks.  what is more artistic than the naturally soft shape of rocks, after all?  inspired by the prolific, Mexican artist Geninne Zlatkis , todays art project involves painting on rocks and it comes from the lovely Stephinie over at Gypsy Forest. stop over and check it out here.


Stephinie has been a blog friend for a while now and I always admire her thoughtful, observant posts.  she is one of those people who is not afraid to make a mean margarita and also reflect on the process of creativity with her kids.  she is thoughtful, deliberate and fantastically authentic.  when it comes to art projects with her kids, Stephinie is really passionate about giving kids space to create art in whatever way it comes naturally to them.  her open-ended, accepting approach shines through on her blog and everything she sells in her etsy shop.  be sure to check out this project and this project (complete with a recipe for aromatherapy play dough!).


and, of course, join her in her backyard art camp project…time to hunt for unforgettable rocks.

have you been playing along with your kids? slowing down and getting artsy? don’t forget to share with us, we love to see the inspiration keep moving forward!  use the has tag #backyardartcamp if you share elsewhere, too.  be sure to follow our Pinterest board where we are gathering all the projects in one place.  here is everything we have done already, it’s quite an inspired list:

stay tuned! still to come are projects from these fantastic bloggers. (yes, indeed, there is still more summer left!):

backyard art camp :: collage figure art with miranda makes

happy monday!  and welcome back to backyard art camp!
BAC button 2-1

we are entering the fourth week of camp!   there have been so many creative and inspiring projects!  have you been playing along with your kids? Don’t forget to show us!

today, to start off our week, we’ve got the amazingly talented Miranda of Miranda Makes with her Graphite and Collage Figure Art inspired by Lisa Congdon and Jaime Zollars!  I really love how each blogger involved in backyard art camp has created such stunning and exciting projects. Miranda makes graphite & collage art

this project is no different, it is really wonderful.  I am so impressed by the beauty of these pieces of art! Miranda explains her inspiration this way: 

“I love how both artists have found a way to integrate graphic elements through the use of collage into their delicate pencil drawings.  I knew the kids would enjoy this technique, and the fact that they are familiar with the work of these ladies because we own children’s books illustrated by both was an added

Miranda is an artist herself.  she makes the most beautiful home portraits which have been featured in many places including Apartment Therapy, Design Mom & Daily Candy and sells them in her House Love Shop.

House love shop cropped
She also has a few adorable free printables that she shares on her blog that are definitely worth checking out, especially this one.

In addition to her own art she also hosts a family sketchbook series on her blog in which it is clear that her whole family shares her artistic talent!
Family sketchbook collagethere is always a lot of artwork sharing on her blog from wet on wet painting to simple watercolors . Miranda is creative in so many ways, including handstitching with kids,  and stitching of her own with beautiful bird watching bag and even fairy wands.

Handstitched hearts

I am so happy to have Miranda join us today and to have her share her Graphite and Collage Figure art as her Backyard ART Camp project!  such an unique and exciting project.  I’m so honored and excited to have you joining us Miranda!

don’t forget to check in on our Pinterest board because backyard art camp is really stacking up some amazing projects. so far, we have:

still to come are projects from:

backyard art camp :: henri rousseau inspired project from the crafty kitty

it is time for more backyard art camp! our next project is a big one…the kind artists call installations and the kind kids call fun!..coming straight to you from the lovely Stephanie at The Crafty Kitty.

backyard art camp 2013 inspired by Henri Rousseau’s stunning jungle paintings, Stephanie and her beautiful children are showing us how to make a mixed media art installation—jungle style!!  they went wild using recycled packaging materials, cardboard boxes, eco washable paint and fabric for this project. be sure to hop over and check it out,here.

mixed media art installation

a project of this size, creativity and eco-awareness is no surprise considering The Crafty Kitty is HQ for all things eco-friendly. Stephanie herself is a self-proclaimed eco-mama and eco crafter.  Stephanie writes on her blog about crafting with organic, sustainable, recycled and repurposed materials; kid crafts, play and vegan food [with two young children underfoot].  lately, you can find  Stephanie on the Prefontaine Shorts and Tumble Tee tours, as well as contributing monthly to Hideous, Dreadful Stinky! She has two blog series on The Crafty Kitty right now Sewing with Kids and Summer of Small World Play and you might recognise her nature explorer bag from the Sew Mama Sew Geocentric Bag Challenge.


to top it all off, Stephanie also owns Stitch Organics: an online organic fabric store and haberdashery for the modern sewist. Stitch Organics is the place to go if you craft with a conscience or simply like beautiful sewing supplies.  

can you believe all of the amazing projects coming out of this series? It is truly an art-filled summer for the kiddos!  if you are playing along, don’t forget to add your pictures to the flickr group!  you can also tag any Facebook photos with #backyardartcamp, and keep checking in on our Pinterest board too!

have you just found out about backyard art camp? let me catch you up.  so far, we have

still to come are projects from:

backyard ART camp :: kandinsky for kids from my life at playtime

it’s monday and we’ve entered week three of Backyard ART Camp!
BAC button 2-1
have you had a chance to give any of the art projects a try yet?

maybe you’ve decorated your backyard with fabric scraps, or found an artful use for those nature walk treasures, or enjoyed painting with something other than a paint brush.  or, perhaps you’ve been sitting back, relaxing and reading stories or browsing craft books

we’d love to see how you are participating so don’t forget to add your pictures to the flickr group!  you can also tag any Facebook photos with #backyardartcamp, and keep checking in on our Pinterest board too!

today, we’ve got another fun and inspiring art project for you from Deborah at My Life At Playtime!
Kandinsky 7 copy-1

Check out her beautiful kandinsky-inspired project here!

Deborah is full of amazing art projects!  this past Spring she recently finished up a year’s worth of art school projects over at Classic Play where she has engaged her childen in 26 different artful activities…
My life at playtime art projects collage

from Masks, to modern art, to works inspired by Frida Kahlo, and many more…With so many kid’s art projects under her belt how could we not ask her to join us!

aside from her prolific art projects she’s also got her hands in many other things…for one, she’s got amazing style, her home has even been featured on Design Mom’s living with kid’s series!

she knows how to throw a great party!
Dessert table shower

she’s got excellent skin care advice including a recipe for Lavendar Sugar Scrub, which looks scrumptious,

DIY lavender sugar scrubsand she’s got so many cute and clever DIYs like this wine crate planter.

Wine crate planter (2)and these s’mores baskets

Smores baskets 4which, Jane can tell you from experience, are a total hit for adults and kids alike!

I am so happy to have Deborah join us today!  head on over to her blog, My Life at Playtime, to see her awesome Kandinsky inspired art project!  I’m thinking the boys are really going to like this one.  thanks Deborah!

here’s a reminder of everyone who is joining us for Backyard ART Camp!

backyard art camp :: crafting connections present outdoor fabric fun inspired by christo and jeanne-claude

time for more backyard art camp…the summer-long series of artist-inspired projects for kids from a dozen inspiring bloggers!

backyard art camp 2013

today, I’m so excited to introduce andrea folsom and danielle reiner from crafting connections!  these inspired women run crafting connections, which is both a magazine and also a website dedicated to providing tools and inspiration for raising creative children, while providing opportunities for grown-ups to learn about themselves along the way.

crafting connections for backyard art camp
at the heart of their creative work is the belief that it’s possible to craft an authentic, connected, and creative life through the act of making.  andrea and danielle publish a quarterly creative magazine for little ones and their grown-ups, as well as small-run magazines, specialty-themed craft kits, story stones and more – all of this is offered in their shop! pretty amazing, isn’t it? while you are poking around their site be sure to check out the current edition of their free mini -mag!

they do lots of delightful projects for kids such as this amazing dreamcatchers project that is designed to spark conversations about dreams while also helping little ones feel safe at night.

dreamcatchers - a 10 minute project by Crafting Connections

as you would expect, their project for backyard art camp is really, truly fantastic.  in fact, it is three outdoor fabric art projects all inspired by the artistic team of Christo and Jeanne-Claude.

Crafting Connections - Outdoor Fabric Art for Kids inspired by Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Christo and Jeanne-Claude are the folks that cloaked central park in saffron fabric a while back.  as andrea and danielle described,

“…they create grand works of art in public spaces simply for the joy and the beauty of itArt for the sake of art. Their art is large and compelling and quirky, just the sort of thing that really appeals to (and inspires) our little ones.”

Come see where inspiration took andrea and danielle in  three fun outdoor fabric art projects for you & your little ones! isn’t this fun!

and of course, as we promised, the winner of the copy of MARTHA STEWART’S FAVORITE CRAFTS FOR KIDS, chosen after combining comments from both a happy stitch and Buzzmills and chosen by a random number generator is:

Kim @ DESIGN + LIFE + KIDS who said : ” My daughters are my favorite! They’re style is always changing and their imagination is wild!”

congratulations kim, we will contact your shortly!


backyard ART camp :: pointillism with Buzzmills

backyard art camp 2013

gather the tots and the paintbrushes, it’s time for more backyard ART camp!

we hope everyone is feeling super inspired by the picture booksart projects books and our found art project because Jane from Buzzmills has a fantastic project planned for you!

Buzzmills, Jane’s corner of blogland, is one of those that places that is always colorful, bright and literally brimming with creativity.  she has a natural knack for listening to kids and treasuring what they have to say.  her joy at being a parent and incredible talent at creating an inspired environment for her kids is contagious.

for backyard ART camp she is sharing an accessible and beautiful pointillism project inspired by a George Seurat painting!  lucky us, right?  so, gather your supplies and head on over to check out Jane’s project!

pointillism with buzz mills

this project was inspired by her families recent trip to an art museum, which she writes about here.  in fact, the art museum visit inspired her to a ridiculous degree and she and her kids ended up working on loads of projects! will see.  I think I already mentioned she is brimming with creativity?  yup.  I did!

p.s.  one more day to enter the giveaway!  I have been floored and touched by everyone’s favorite artists and favorite pieces of artwork! if you haven’t already shared, go for it!

p.p.s.  don’t forget to join the flickr group and check out the  Pinterest board to follow all things backyard art camp!  we are so eager to see the projects happening in your backyard.  there might even be a giveaway for everyone who shares their projects with us. wink.

p.p.p. s.  there is so much more backyard art camp to come.  don’t forget to check back!

p.p.p.p.s.  just kidding.  I’m done.

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