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the big news!

it’s been a bit of a rocky start to the year, folks.  I knew from the start that I needed to change location for my sewing classes but really had no idea how to make that happen.  if you have taken my classes, you know that the location in the church basement is spacious and really accommodating in many ways, but it has its downsides.  mainly, the church is active and in some of the most wonderful ways because the social justice activity there is incredible!  but, there is much coming and going during class…some of it quite disruptive and often really messy.

I have been so lucky to start up my classes there and I’m so grateful for that.  but, it became increasingly clear that it was time to move on.  I just wasn’t sure where to go.  and, in all honestly, that had me pretty down; a bit directionless; and at times, ready to hang up my hat.  (this, by the way, is the dark often unspoken side of a ‘just me and my dream’ kind of business.)

but NO MORE!  because I have secured a bright, open, vibrant new space to house the sewing classes!! squeal!!  our town’s Main Street organization is housed in a great space and they have room for me!  they have made room for this making and creativity and community of people that are supporting and growing around me through the classes.

classes will have light and warmth and be a part of the spirit of the community.  ok, in all honestly they have always had these things but now it will be in a bright, warm and open-to-all-in-the-community place.
main street class space
there is space for me to sell fabric and supplies for the classes, area to exhibit things made in class, space for me to advertise classes, and opportunities for what I am doing to contribute to the activities of other artists operating out of the building.  as an added bonus, classes will now be near a kitchen, a cleaning up sink and an easily accessible bathroom!  it’s a huge, huge moment and comes just around the two year anniversary of my very first class (in a friend’s basement no less)!  so, how about that for a thursday afternoon.  we are taking this whole operation above ground, my friends.
happy me

lunch sack class update!

I am a little behind the eight-ball on this one but I’ve been ridiculously stubborn about getting my pattern just right.  and, I’m happy to announce that it now is just what I was looking for…the perfect lunch bag.  ta-da!

so, if you want to sneak in a little back-to-school making join the fun but be warned class starts next week! yup, that would be the behind the eight ball part. the lunch bags will all be insulated, wipeable, convenient to carry and easy to use…not to mention super cute.  I hope you can join in the fun!  register here.

if you are available for the class but won’t have time to gather supplies, let me know and I can get them for you! I’m really looking forward to this class, I’m so smitten with these bags that I’m eager to share the fun.

fancy kitchen potholders!

I’m stupidly excited about these potholders.  the rational part of my brain realizes they are only potholders but the sewer part of my brain is over the moon.  maybe that is why I like that brain part so much.

they were super easy to pull together and I just like the way they dress up the kitchen and the whole cooking-for-my-family process.  to make them I mostly sewed straight lines through both the front fabric and some felted wool (wool is nicely heat resistant) and then sewed some backing fabric on right-sides-together; leaving a little opening.  then, turned them inside out…hand stitched the opening closed and done.

I’ve been wanting to try the whole quilt as you go thing that so many other bloggers are mad about so I made this last one using that method.  Here is a great video tutorial that shows how it’s done.  

I have to say, I am on board with quilting as you go.  I have yet to figure out how to make it work for an entire quilt.  but, oh man, for a little project like this…it’s downright dreamy! dreamy, I tell you!

by the way, I have most of my links (and so much more) over on Pinterest. I don’t what I did before Pinterest, it keeps so many of the amazing sewing/fabric/quilting/crafting/cooking/home design things that I love all organized and easy to find.  actually, I do know what I did before Pinterest. I kept three very sloppy binders filled with the random things that I would actually bother to print out and a handful of ‘bookmarks’ on my computer.  realizing this only makes me love Pinterest more.

  by the way, for anyone interesting in making potholders that make the kitchen happy, I’ll be showing how to make them at a sewing salon on the 28th, memorial day…it starts at 7pm. sign up here if you wanna join the fun. 

the year 2011

sometimes a blog post is like an imaginary friend.  it’s living and breathing and writing itself in my head for so long that I actually start to think that I’ve written it already.  but when I sit down to actually write it all my ideas are scattered and my attention span is short and….well, it doesn’t happen.

this is one of those posts.  I’m late in writing it because, even though it is already written imaginar-ily, it’s a breathtaking reflection for me.

how to begin to look back at the year 2011?

I’ll start with numbers:

1 conventional job left behind

1 home life and 2 small boys with lots more mama time

1 website created and 8,003 html codes gone wrong

9 sewing classes taught to a revolving ragtag group of 28 amazing people (and growing!)

at least 10 sewing machines newly nestled into to the homes of that ragtag group

28 new, crafty, creative friends to obsess about sewing with

2 craft fairs

2 very special quilts

100 cups of coffee, 145 (or so) yards of fabric and 310 (approximately) spools of thread

here it is in pictures:

work hard, sew hard max.quilt.sneakpeek            

thanks so much to everyone that made 2011 a stupendous year.  every single person that has waltzed through my classes has not only been a natural sewer but also become a friend.  you all make the *work* behind a happy stitch worth it. I’m guessing there are easier ways to make new friends but none are nearly as fun as this.

2012 is already swinging with an incredible skirt class under foot and a bag, beginner, and superhero cape class up ahead.  plus, I got a few soon-to-be-revealed sewing goals in mind as well. maybe you will want to join me with those? huh? huh?


notice: sewing salon…next thursday night!

sewing salon ($18)

thursday, november 17, 7-9:30pm

got a project you need a little help with? having trouble setting aside time to work on something? want to hang out with awesome people, listen to awesome music and be productive at the same time? it’s time for a sewing salon.

bring your project and your self over to the basement of the reformed church next thursday and join the fun. it will be like a speakeasy during prohibition.  ok, not at all like that. more like the hearth occupied by the Ingalls girls. and, it’s going to rock.

i need to be sure that at least four people are definitely coming in order to run the class. but, don’t worry if you register and i have to cancel, i will refund you, lickety split!

p.s. i’m having a little bit of paypal trouble so if you would like to pay via paypal and the link isn’t useful for you….let me know you are interested and we will sort it out. thanks for your patience!

update! no more paypal trouble! register away!



hello there!

welcome to the long awaited (for me, at least) new site for a happy stitch.  i’ve been sewing and even blogging for a bit but this marks the beginning of making it a bigger,grander part of my everyday.  in January I left my paid job when my passion for that work was overshadowed by a strong desire to find more time for my family, my kids and my (what was then) hobby.  tentatively but steadily, i moved ahead with bringing my love of sewing center stage in my day.  i started teaching some classes, quietly opened an etsy shop and found myself hooked up with kevin trainor, who made this site possible.  i now have lots of time with my kids and sew the heck out the time away from them.  consider me outed—sewing geek extraordinaire.

{the right light and some fabric awaiting its fate made for a still moment in the studio}

thanks for stopping in, be sure to check back as i stumble, trip through sewing, selling and teaching!

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