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Kindergarten Chair Pockets Take 2

You know that thing that happens when the world finds out that you sew? You are flooded with requests to sew things.  Bless them, right? Everyone means well. Remember those kindergarten chair pockets I made for my son’s class last year? Well, you can probably guess where this is going…at least a little bit.  About halfway into this school year J’s first grade teacher approached me about sewing chair pockets for his classroom, just like the ones from last year (link includes my tutorial on how to make them, btw).  chair pockets perfect for kindergarten classrooms | a happy stitch

Much as I loved making chair pockets for his classroom last year, it is time-consuming, monotonous and costly (it takes A LOT of fabric).  Plus, it seemed inequitable to me.  If classrooms need chair pockets is it fair that the only classrooms who get them have my kid in them? Not really.  So, I suggested that the school identify how many classrooms need chair pockets and write a grant to cover the cost of store-bought chair pockets.  J’s teacher came back and suggested that the ones I make are sturdier than the mass-produced kind.  I was terribly flattered.   I agreed I could make them and quoted her a price per classroom (at 25 chair pockets per classroom) that paid for my time and supplies.  She submitted the grant and it was only after the grant was accepted that I found out that nearly the entire school needed chair pockets, 300 to be exact. Turns out every first grade and kindergarten classroom except for two needed chair pockets….one of those two classroom has special chairs and the other has the pockets I made last year.  Ha! I was totally overwhelmed.  (more…)

Craftcation : Overview of a Creative Person’s Business Conference


A few weeks ago I attended Craftcation, a business and makers conference in Ventura, California.  I try to attend a creative retreat of some kind most years, mostly to nurture my creative juices and to connect with other makers. I honestly don’t expect too much beyond the ability to get away and come home revived. Craftcation, however, completely exceeded my expectations.  Honestly, it has left me on fire! I’m already planning to attend again next year. (more…)

the only leggings I will ever wear…my sloan leggings

Sloan Leggings // a happy stitch

It took little more than a split-second after making my first pair of Sloan Leggings (for this pattern review on Upcraft Club) to realize that I was going to be making lots of these leggings.  Guys, these are the only leggings I will ever wear.  Ever. I’m gonna die in a tattered pair of handmade sloan leggings. (more…)

Pink Piping Eyeglass Pillow

Super Awesome Eyeglasses pillow with pink piping! | made by a happy stitch

Every time I make a pillow I think of that scene from Sex in the City when Charlotte is getting ready to go to bed and she just keeps pulling pillow after pillow off the bed.  A scene invented to point out how ludicrous it is to have so many bed pillows.  Yeah, that one. My husband loves that scene, it proves one of his long-standing beefs with my love of decorative pillows.  But, how could I resist this pillow? This pillow is not to be denied.

Super Awesome Pink PIping Pillow | made by a happy stitch out of echino and Liberty piping

It’s another sample for one of my upcoming classes at Rock Paper Scissors. I was so excited to get to work with more echino fabric. The pattern is my own design and super simple, as pillows usually are. I decided to make my own piping for the pillow and couldn’t resist playing with some Liberty of London Lifestyle I’ve had for a long time.  Somehow the small print with hot pink and hints of bright green were just exactly what this mostly-neutral pillow needed. I love this pillow. Really, the eyeglasses print is just too great.  As a four-eyed person myself, I really appreciate being able to celebrate the nerdiness sometimes. Especially with a little pink thrown in, huzzah!

Super Awesome pink piping echino pillow | made by a happy stitch

It has a zipper closure on the back so it can be removed and washed.  This class is considered a part of the Beginner Sewing series because I teach how to easily put in a zipper and add piping but everything else is a cinch.

Like I said, this is a class sample so it is living at the shop right now but you had better believe I plan on placing it on my bed as soon as I get it back home.  Prepare yourself to be amazed, husband.

In addition to this pillow and the smolderingly adorable Geranium Dress I talked about yesterday I’m also teaching The Washi Dress and PJ pants starting soon.  So, go sign up you! You know it will be an awesome time!

classes collage spring 2014 |  happy stitch at rock paper scissors

The Geranium Dress that will melt your heart

When Beth from my favorite fabric boutique asked me if I was interested in teaching The Geranium Dress designed by Rae Hoekstra as one of the upcoming classes, I was so excited.

cutest geranium dress in honeybees and polka dots | made by a happy stitchIt feels like I never, ever get to sew for girls (of course I did make this sweet dress).  And, while I love, love, love parenting boys I have to admit to a deep ache to make pretty little things for girls!  I had no idea, however, just how much I would love this little dress.  You could speculate that I was simply seduced by the blindingly awesome process of pulling together a dress but the Geranium Dress is an impressive pattern.

honeybee and polka dot geranium dress | made by a happy stitch

I like how the bodice comes together and I love how many adaptations are included…different sleeves, different details on the bodice.  No wonder this is such a classic.

cutest geranium dress ever | made by a happy stitch

I made up a simple version, which is the one I will be teaching and even at its simplest it is just awesome.  A few details: the bodice fabric is a lovely grey polka dot from Andover Fabrics and the dress body is the cutest honeybee print from the designer Bonny Christine for Art Gallery fabrics.  I chose both prints from rock paper scissors, where I teach.

cutest geranium ever! | made by a happy stitch

sewing classes!

sewing classes spring 2014


Local friends! I’m so excited to announce the upcoming sewing classes.  Please join me for a beginner class, a knit skirt class and an apron-making class.

As always, you are registered for a class once I receive payment (either through paypal or cash/check).  Click on the page link to register through paypal.  You are responsible for bringing your own supplies unless you would like to purchase class supplies directly from me.  In which case, let me know.

I can’t wait to sew with you!

p.s.  If you live in North Jersey, I am also teaching Playtime Dress and Leggings, Knit Skirt, & Washi Dress classes at the lovely rock paper scissors in Montclair, NJ.

a playtime dress, leggings and a confession

T in the playtime dress and leggings from Oliver + S

It’s the first day of Kid’s Clothes Week, the winter edition!  I’m posting about this little Oliver + S outfit to kick things off. It’s the playtime dress and leggings pattern combination and it’s painfully adorable.  Especially on my beautiful little friend here. Isn’t she the cutest?  I can’t even handle it.playtime dress and leggings from a happy stitch

I got to make this dress and leggings as a sample for my upcoming class at Rock Paper Scissors. I can’t wait to teach this one.  Leggings, my friends, are so darn easy to make! If I had girls I would make so many leggings! I’m going to attempt to make some for myself for sure.

Playtime Dress and Leggings

The dress comes together easily and the instructions are clear and professional. This was my first time using an actual Oliver + S pattern, though I’ve sewn things from their book Little Things to Sew.   Liesl, the pattern maker behind Oliver + S is a true pro and it shows in this pattern.  She writes a straightforward, clear pattern with little details that take the dress beyond plain jane and make it look store-bought in the good way.

back of the playtime dress from Oliver + S

I’m not sure what the fabric is, unfortunately.  Both the pattern and the fabric were shipped to me for the purposes of making the sample so I didn’t catch the name of the adorable bike fabric. Edited to add:  the fabric is Bike it, it comes from Jan Cyn Designs for Birch Organic Fabrics.

It is a knit fabric but a sturdy knit so it sews easily and makes for a warmer dress.  The pattern is written for either woven or knit fabric, which makes it really versatile.

I’ve been making a lot more out of knit fabrics these days and I have to say that learning to sew (mostly) confidently with knits has been the most useful expansion of my sewing skills ever!  It’s what the boys want to wear, which mean I can stitch up everyday clothes for them!  Ok, one more photo of J and the cuteness that is his best buddy.

playtime dress sillies

Now that you are distracted by all those cute pictures, it’s time for the confession.

There are great downsides associated with being the child of a sewing mama. The biggest downside, of course, is that by virtue of the fact that your mama CAN make you things like pants and winter hats you don’t actually HAVE any of those things because they are buried on sewing mama’s To-Do list.

My poor ragamuffin children. C is literally wearing sweatpants with knee holes in them every single day and both boys have hats with holes big enough that their hair pokes out. Did I mention we are in the midst of a polar vortex in these parts? Oh yeah, it’s really, really cold in these parts. Way too cold for them to have aerated clothing.

Kid’s Clothes Week to the rescue. KCW, one hour of sewing for kids every day all week, is always my best motivator for ticking things off the old To-Do list.

Do I actually have a list you are asking?  No, not yet. Do I have patterns ready and fabric set aside? I do not.  None of those things.  I have a will.  That’s what I got.

kid's clothes week

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