Fabric Buckets as Easter Baskets

For Easter baskets this year I decided to make the boys reusable fabric buckets using my standby tutorial here. I love the idea that the buckets themselves are also a gift and a reusable one at that. We will still give them gobs of chocolate of course but the beautiful fabric bucket balances it out a bit, right?  It also might be true that I fell in love with this new fabric collection  from Maker Maker and was looking for a good excuse to make something out if it. Just maybe.

I’m a super fan of Sarah Golden so I was really happy to see this block print-inspired collection and I’m super excited to take a class with her at the end of the month while I’m at Craftcation.

And, now I have to leave you with more pretty pictures than words because my family is on our spring break trip to the Southwest and typing this out on my phone is excruciating!


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