Cupcake Party for Betz White!

Cupcake Celebration | a happy stitch

Did you know that the amazing Betz White has been blogging for 10 years?! Amazing, isn’t it!  She launched herself into the sewing/crafting world with her iconic cupcake decoration made out of felted, re-purposed sweaters from the thrift store ten whole years ago.  I’ve been so lucky to get to know her in that time and it’s been such fun to be a part of her sewing collective this past year.  So, I was really excited when she asked me to help her celebrate the anniversary and I decided to throw her a cupcake party of the real variety (no felt in these bad boys!).

Cool Whip Icing | Cupcake CelebrationBetz is the queen of the repurposed DIY world and she deserves serious accolades.  Now, I’m not much of a baker nor do I have the disposition for fussy recipes but I do have a secret up my sleeve and that is a family recipe for the most scrumptious icing of all time!  As a bonus it only take three minutes to make it. Do check it out on her blog.  Warning: It’s a little naughty!  While you are visiting her, make sure and congratulate her.

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