Pink Piping Eyeglass Pillow

Super Awesome Eyeglasses pillow with pink piping! | made by a happy stitch

Every time I make a pillow I think of that scene from Sex in the City when Charlotte is getting ready to go to bed and she just keeps pulling pillow after pillow off the bed.  A scene invented to point out how ludicrous it is to have so many bed pillows.  Yeah, that one. My husband loves that scene, it proves one of his long-standing beefs with my love of decorative pillows.  But, how could I resist this pillow? This pillow is not to be denied.

Super Awesome Pink PIping Pillow | made by a happy stitch out of echino and Liberty piping

It’s another sample for one of my upcoming classes at Rock Paper Scissors. I was so excited to get to work with more echino fabric. The pattern is my own design and super simple, as pillows usually are. I decided to make my own piping for the pillow and couldn’t resist playing with some Liberty of London Lifestyle I’ve had for a long time.  Somehow the small print with hot pink and hints of bright green were just exactly what this mostly-neutral pillow needed. I love this pillow. Really, the eyeglasses print is just too great.  As a four-eyed person myself, I really appreciate being able to celebrate the nerdiness sometimes. Especially with a little pink thrown in, huzzah!

Super Awesome pink piping echino pillow | made by a happy stitch

It has a zipper closure on the back so it can be removed and washed.  This class is considered a part of the Beginner Sewing series because I teach how to easily put in a zipper and add piping but everything else is a cinch.

Like I said, this is a class sample so it is living at the shop right now but you had better believe I plan on placing it on my bed as soon as I get it back home.  Prepare yourself to be amazed, husband.

In addition to this pillow and the smolderingly adorable Geranium Dress I talked about yesterday I’m also teaching The Washi Dress and PJ pants starting soon.  So, go sign up you! You know it will be an awesome time!

classes collage spring 2014 |  happy stitch at rock paper scissors

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