Winter Walks + Other Goings Ons

It’s been an extraordinary winter. Lots of snow, lots of ice and lots of snow days. Snow days at our house consist of hours and hours of Lego playtime and wearing pi’s until noon. There ain’t nothing gained by putting on day clothes before lunchtime when you aren’t gonna leave the house anyway!

winter walk

winter walking boy

I am trying to get out for lots of winter walks, though, once the pi’s are finally peeled off.  When everything is covered with snow and ice a walk is a whole new view of the woods.


winter walks

Where I grew up, in Northern Minnesota, nothing was cooler than having a suntan after a snow day.  It proved you were hardcore and outdoorsy.  I was never quite that cool but, regardless, I do want my kids to enjoy a good winter walk.

winter walk on ice

winter walk at duskI’ve been bringing my camera along and taking lots and lots of picture because that is what everyone says you are supposed to do when you want to improve your photography.  You know, take lots of pictures. Indulge me while I share a few from our recent walks.

winter exploration

winter walks DSC_0033J is always a ball of excited, furious energy when we first get out walking.  He’ll imagine an ice world and describes it in detailed, breathless run-on sentences while marching in a circle.  We can actually see his energy draining until, predictably, he is exhausted and wants to be carried.  Anyone with that much unbridled enthusiasm would exhaust themselves.


C love being outside so much. He’s at his absolute best outside and can spend hours walking in the snow; looking for animal tracks; watching the birds…he’s so happy!  His whole demeanor changes from too-cool first-grader (yes, there is such a thing) back to sweet boy.

For all of us, it clears the head and warms the body to spend a good bit of time outside even on the snowy days.


winter walks

New Jersey’s kind of pretty all covered in this luscious white, don’t you think? Have you had snow?  Enjoying it?  Do you winter walk?

P.S. I’m finally joining Bloglovin’! I’ve been losing track of all the blogs I want to follow and feel like I”m missing out on the fun over there.  Are you already at the Bloglovin’ party?  If so, follow my blog with Bloglovin.

P.P.S. Local friends, I’m selling my stuff at the Main Street Pop-Up Shop starting February 12th.  It’s a great time to support lots of local businesses and get some sweet Valentine’s gifts!

2 Comments on Winter Walks + Other Goings Ons

  1. Amy
    February 21, 2014 at 9:50 am (4 years ago)

    Hey your photographs are definetly improving! And the lighting is amazing. Great shots

    • Melissa Q.
      February 21, 2014 at 9:57 am (4 years ago)

      Do you really think so? That means so much coming from you!! I can’t wait for our photo date. 🙂


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