My Booth at the Arts Fair

Ooh.  It is crazy how fast a week can go!  I really meant to post this days and days ago. Between teaching two nights a week and gearing up for participation in the town-wide yard sale, we are all a little pooped and a little behind over here.  Truthfully, my husband was the one in charge of our yard sale this Saturday and he was, in fact, “very proud of me for mostly letting him do it”.  Thanks honey.  I rarely score points for butting out but I did it… mostly.  It’s only because I was still reeling from the craft fair last weekend!

Speaking of, here’s a little picture of my booth.

booth for Arts in the Park 2013

I was situated on a great little corner of our main street, right next to the beer garden.  I was aiming for a bright and cheery booth that would look inviting, friendly and homespun.  On the right hand side, I had my aprons, bags and skirts.  It’s hard to see but behind the dress form is a hanging white wooden rod where I was selling aprons.

front view of a happy stitch booth

My penguins, owls and ninjas were the first to greet anyone.  The booth looks a little more bare than I would have liked, I wish I had more time to make things if only to flesh out the booth and make it look a little more abundant.  But, it drew a great crowd and I was a fantastic time.  This was my view from behind the booth at one point.

a happy stitch crowd at the arts fair

It was so nice to be surrounded nearly all day long by my amazing, supportive friends and their children.  Can you tell I was next to the Kettle Corn stand?  I think every kid in town ate their weight in Kettle Corn that day, including my own kids.

I labelled everything with both a price tag and a pretty moo card, that way everyone that bought something went home with my business card making it easier for them to get in touch with me later.  I really like the feel and quality of moo cards, I used some of the designs they have on hand for these mini cards because I wanted them done quickly but you can also make your own design, which is probably what I will do when I run out of my current supply.

craft fair tagging from a happy stitch

For all my reservations about craft fairs, this was a great one. I loved being out on a beautiful day, showing folks what I make.  I was surprised and delighted that my boys were excited for me.  In the past, I don’t think it was all that interesting to them but this year they were into it.  C said to me, “Mama.  I want to buy all of your things!” and my husband had to gently explain I would be able to just make it for him, at home. Of course, some of that sweet little boy excitement made me nervous as they ran like bulls in a china shop ready to knock over my tent.

me at my booth-a happy stitch

The highlight of the arts fair, by far, was when a group of half a dozen tweens and teens were hanging out talking to me about how they love to sew (yes, my heart was melting).  We were discussing their sewing machines and how they love to make pouches and pillows.  Their parents were lingering outside my booth waiting for the long sewing conversation to end and these girls were taking the conversation so seriously.  They just wanted to talk about their making so badly.  I could have tucked each one of those girls under my arm and taken them home.  I didn’t but I could have.  They were super awesomely adorable and amazing.  Sometimes adults don’t know how to respond when I tell them I teach sewing and make things; I can watch their eyes gloss over with uncertainty and the silent question “Do grown-ups do that?” but these girls had pure adoration in their eyes.  I might be hanging with the tweens more regularly if this keeps happening.

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  1. Sewplicity
    October 7, 2013 at 11:38 am (4 years ago)

    Looks great! I wish I could’ve stopped by for a visit!

    • ahappystitch
      October 7, 2013 at 11:55 am (4 years ago)

      Ah, thanks! I wish the same thing. Someday we will link arm-in-arm and skip around an arts fair…not selling a thing!


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