backyard ART camp :: kandinsky for kids from my life at playtime

it’s monday and we’ve entered week three of Backyard ART Camp!
BAC button 2-1
have you had a chance to give any of the art projects a try yet?

maybe you’ve decorated your backyard with fabric scraps, or found an artful use for those nature walk treasures, or enjoyed painting with something other than a paint brush.  or, perhaps you’ve been sitting back, relaxing and reading stories or browsing craft books

we’d love to see how you are participating so don’t forget to add your pictures to the flickr group!  you can also tag any Facebook photos with #backyardartcamp, and keep checking in on our Pinterest board too!

today, we’ve got another fun and inspiring art project for you from Deborah at My Life At Playtime!
Kandinsky 7 copy-1

Check out her beautiful kandinsky-inspired project here!

Deborah is full of amazing art projects!  this past Spring she recently finished up a year’s worth of art school projects over at Classic Play where she has engaged her childen in 26 different artful activities…
My life at playtime art projects collage

from Masks, to modern art, to works inspired by Frida Kahlo, and many more…With so many kid’s art projects under her belt how could we not ask her to join us!

aside from her prolific art projects she’s also got her hands in many other things…for one, she’s got amazing style, her home has even been featured on Design Mom’s living with kid’s series!

she knows how to throw a great party!
Dessert table shower

she’s got excellent skin care advice including a recipe for Lavendar Sugar Scrub, which looks scrumptious,

DIY lavender sugar scrubsand she’s got so many cute and clever DIYs like this wine crate planter.

Wine crate planter (2)and these s’mores baskets

Smores baskets 4which, Jane can tell you from experience, are a total hit for adults and kids alike!

I am so happy to have Deborah join us today!  head on over to her blog, My Life at Playtime, to see her awesome Kandinsky inspired art project!  I’m thinking the boys are really going to like this one.  thanks Deborah!

here’s a reminder of everyone who is joining us for Backyard ART Camp!

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