a happy stitch teams up with zero bound to solve some economic problems.

I’m so excited to be involved in a wonderful, new thing that is taking off right now and is tackling the humongous problem of student loan debt.  I know I sound like one of those emails from a political candidate, which are crowding your inbox right now, but this is for real.  an amazing woman, who happens to also be a friend, has crafted a genius solution to help students crawl out from under the student loans that threaten to keep them financially strapped for the foreseeable future.  it is called zero bound and it will work by providing a network for donors to give money to students in exchange for their donation of services to non-profits or volunteer organizations. the idea is to utilize all the great potential of debt-burdened graduates and college kids to make the world better and pay off their debt at the same time. aha. see…GENIUS!  the world has taken note, too.  zero bound has been featured in the boston herald and fox business and word is they are set to be covered by forbes and even on pbs.  check out their idea:

right now, they are working to raise funds to launch their website and are asking for donations to make that happen. I was approached to get involved in their latest, very exciting crowdfunding effort and I happily agreed.

so, here is how it works: if you donate at least $1 (but please consider giving more…what they are doing is really great) between midnight tonight and midnight tomorrow night you become immediately eligible for lots of discounts to online shops including 20% off everything in my etsy shop!  I have even added new iPad sleeves to the old standbys.  also, my 20% offer also runs to the end of the year so if you give to zero bound tomorrow you will have almost 2 months to shop at a happy stitch and lots of other online shops! what a deal.

so…do it! curb student loan debt and  get your shopping on.  what a warm fuzzy.

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