arts in the park

it was (mostly) a great day for a festival.  the sun was sunny and folks were stroll-y. I got to see tons of friends of the big and little variety.  my own kids came swooping in on their bikes. C insisted on buying something from me, a task he took on very earnestly and I had to bite my lip to stop from smiling too hard lest he think I wasn’t taking his commerce seriously.

that said, I haven’t done many festivals so I learn a lot each time I head out with my garlands, tablecloths and bins of stuff.  this time the lesson learned was “bring tarps in the case of rain!” because out of nowhere came a torrential rainfall that soaked some of my things and certainly dampened my mood.  I had to rush home to get everything dry and had to leave the fest early.  despite that, the good times were very good.

there is very little that compares to the wonderful feeling of watching others delight in and enjoy something that I have made.  look at these little faces!

other highlights include the jar of homemade nectarine-lime jam that landed in my hands as a thank you from a friend who felt inspired and the wonderful people that volunteered to tirelessly help me out (thank you sarah and jenn!).  it’s easy, when you work independently, to find self-doubt creeping in and the antidote turns out to be smiling, helpful faces at a festival.  thank you.

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