lovely lola’s special quilt

I got an amazing opportunity to make a beautiful quilt for a foot-stomping, pigtailed, twirling, dancing, smiling friend.  she’s perfectly adorable and 2.  the quilt is made from her most important clothes from her first few years of life.  it reflects her polish-italian background and even includes part of a halloween costume and bits of her favorite hats.

I had so much fun making this quilt for lovely little lola. it’s always such an honor making these baby clothes quilts.  for lola, I spent lots of time incorporating ruffles and pleats and designs from the special shirts.  I hadn’t met lola while I was making the quilt but when I met her friendly and feisty self I felt like I already knew her.  it might have just been how amazingly bright and bouncy she is but I think it also had to do with the fact that her most precious clothes sat in my studio and lap for a good length of time.  a little something must have rubbed off.

all I know is that when he dad picked her up with one hand, tipped her upside down and called her a monkey I thought to myself that seems about right.  as if I knew! but, it seemed like I did know.  crazy as it sounds. I know that I was trusted with something pretty precious and I hope I did it justice. it can get a little emotional…the whole handing over really special baby clothes thing…for everyone including me.

but, we all left happy.

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